Hawaii Ice Palace skaters create make false accusations about Dan Perceval

Posted: June 21, 2009 in Dan Perceval, Xtreme Ice Skating

Apparently, there are a few hate groups who think Dan Perceval isn’t the founder of Xtreme Ice Skating. If Dan Perceval isn’t the founder, than who’s doing all of the tutorials and back-breaking work? It’s certainly not them..

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What are your thoughts on the above video?

  1. Anonymous says:

    how can he be the founder when sumone 10+ years older than him been doing it for over 20 years now and is still doing it and is still better than him??? hes probably the founder for all we know.

  2. Skye says:

    Since when did making tutorials or performing “back-breaking” work justify anyone as a founder of anything

    founding – the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new

    You become the founder if you started doing it first, simple as that. There are people twice your age that were doing this waaaay before you were, and they didn’t feel the need to advertise themselves as the founders.

    I am against making any sort of tutorials because the last thing we need is another sport that can be only done the “right” way. Ice skates give you a range of movement only limited to you own physical limits which allows for incredible dynamism. We don’t need cookie cutter skaters that can only do one set of tricks. Style is key in a performing sport such as this and mainstreaming of tricks is NOT emphasizing development of personal style. In fact, mainstreaming can not only impede the development of style it can also destroy it. Ever heard of Metallica?

    And above all. this shouldn’t be back breaking. You should just go out and have fun doing what you do. Last I checked “fun” is not “back-breaking” unless your the one doing the breaking.

  3. Dan says:

    Firstly, thank you for your thoughts and opinions. I’m the founder of SPORT — the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating. Others may define sport in their own way, but for myself, I define sport as: a complex organization of people, community, and business, working together to achieve a desired outcome.

    Check out the “preface” of this article. It’s a few pages down:

    • Jedifarce says:

      Your definition of “sport” borders on self-aggrandizement and cultish behavior. As for bringing this “activity” into the mainstream, that is readily being done by the use of youtube and other available media outlets. We hardly need to be part of some organization such as yours to accomplish this.

      Further, your arrogance in proclaiming those instructing others in the sport of “xtreme” ice skating, represent acts of fraud, demonstrates your true motive is hardly one based in altruism and the promotion of goodwill. I am not terribly impressed by your pretentious claims and the utter lack of any appreciable skill you demonstrate in ice skating. If you’re hoping to gain some sort of absolution from myself or others you’re sadly mistaken.

      “Those who claim to teach Xtreme-Ice Skating and are not listed on this page, represent fraudulent acts.” – Dan Perceval

      • Dan Perceval says:

        Jedifarce, thank you for visiting and expressing your thoughts. It is much appreciated.

        In regard to your worries about “represent acts of fraud” by not allowing others to teach the sport unless certified to do so, is put forth to preserve the integrity and longevity of the sport itself. They do this in the martial arts, in figure skating, in gymnastics, and so on.

        Figure skaters have to be certified by ISI or USFSA to teach at most rinks.

  4. ivan says:

    hi all,

    wow this getting hotter eh?

    well in my opinion, Dan did some good job i think on making tutorials. but, IT only helps people who dont hv any idea how to do those tricks. about mainstreaming of tricks, skye had his point here. like T-stop for example, i find it hard to do Dan’s T-stop. so i make it out that suit for me. and its harder ^^ (dont know why but makes it harder really worked for me)

    a good think about “founder”. i think we all freestyle skaters here, can hv some sort of “place” or foundation which never been exists before in the world. well, lets not debate about founder thing coz it wont lead to anywhere.

    another thing, i once had a trip to europe, and i saw there,a xtreme ice skating school. its before Dan declared it. So here’s a point from Skye about being a founder.

    I think there are a lot of different thoughts and style of skating too. In all hawaiian ice skaters, i saw that the they have beauty on their moves and FUN. while in Dan’s, he tends to more power moves on stopping, jumping, and footwork rather than a set movement of all that shown in hawaiian’s videos ( i like the outlaws ^^ still trying to do those tricks wit my friends here in jakarta).

    So, from all above, im quite towards skye’s bcoz, there are a lot of skater’s style on ice. difficult i say about founding the sport and mainstreaming it while there;s already a lot of style in it. its different from figure skating which had mainstream style. why dont we gather a lot of skater from any part from this world and hv a one goal, declare the sport as official sport rather than doing it all alone? still it just my thoughts about it. please response ^^ happy skating..

  5. Dan Perceval says:

    Quoting IVAN:
    “why dont we gather a lot of skater from any part from this world and hv a one goal, declare the sport as official sport rather than doing it all alone?”

    If any Hawaii Ice Palace skaters’ or others would like to help bring the sport about into mainstream, than your help is very much welcomed.

    Quoting SKYE:
    “And above all. this shouldn’t be back breaking. You should just go out and have fun doing what you do. Last I checked “fun” is not “back-breaking” unless your the one doing the breaking.”

    There’s more to creating sport than just skating and making videos or tutorials. Much more. I’ve invested a lot of money and time into creating this sport. The sport of Xtreme Ice Skating you see today isn’t was it was 4 years ago. Nor did it get to where it is today by merely having a website and some youtube videos — Because if it was that easy, someone else, or one of you would already have created the sport. And if it was someone else, than they would possess the clout, the demand, and the following. But that is not the case. The sport is here because of hard work: thousands of hours of thinking, reading, and meeting with people to solve problems and formulate answers for the sport.

    Just because someone thinks of an idea first, doesn’t make them the owner of that idea. More so, just because someone skates in a particular style before everyone else doesn’t make them the founder of that style. So what is it that sets ownership or being the founder to something? It is the following:

    – The public and media must AFFIRM who you are and what you’re trying to do.
    – One must continue relentlessly to achieve a desired goal over a long period of time (4 years so far).
    – A target audience must be become loyal followers and have substantial mass.

    ..and etc.. and etc..

    Look at Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds. Did he create the first McDonald’s restaurant? No, he didn’t, but if it wasn’t for him, McDonalds wouldn’t exist today. Check out the book “Grinding it Out”, and you’ll see what I mean.

    • Skye says:

      I see where you coming from in the founding thing, but look at skateboarding. There is no recognized true founder because it would be impossible to pin him/her down. Skateboarding started when surfers wanted to have a way to practice when not hitting the waves so they cut out small boards and attacked roller skate trucks to them. There were a few skaters that brought skateboarding into the mainstream (Think Z-boys) but they did not claim themselves the founders, nor did anyone recognize them as. With the advent of the internet and specifically youtube and other video hosting websites it has become far easier to let the rest of the world know whats up. If we were older back then and had the money for cameras we probably would have started posting stuff around 2002.

      So I guess what im saying is that its not right to give yourself too much credit as the “founder” 0f xtreme ice skating. You should simply offer lessons and tutorials aimed at getting more people interested which so far I think you’ve done a great job at.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        If you want to become the founder of something, you have to start off by making a claim. The claim in your own mind must be legitimate, and one in which you must project and market such a claim as legitimate in a consistent and focused fashion. Sometimes claims are made because of opportunity, such as discovering a new or better way of doing something, or having a crazy dream that inspires action in the real world. But the idea is that a claim must be met with legitimacy by a perceived audience and/or loyal following, and followed through by a “need” or “want” that is fulfilled by the demands of your following. The extent to which a claim becomes legitimized depends not only on the content of your claim and the degree to which you’re able to convey your claim into an understandable and simple message, but a claim must have a “sticky message” and to which it must always work towards a larger more loyal audience.

        In regards to that last video Mark put out, you are asked if you would like to see me come to Hawaii. Of course you state no, for reasons I will not state, but you are posturing yourself. There’s a reason why the camera man said, “For all your fans out there, why did (followed by a question about skates)…”. You camera man sees an opportunity and has made a claim. He has made a connection between what is popularity, a perceived following, and the needs of such following met by an imitation, which would be you and your camera man. Mark uses youtube descriptions such as “Xtreme Ice Skating”, “Dan Perceval” and “Prolite” because he is trying to further legitimize his own claim by leveraging upon my own and any clout affiliated. I am calling you out on your claim, but for the reason of good intention, that your intentions are not just. You are are using my clout for market leverage to further promote your own self interests. My advice is to find your own claim that can become a reality, and not imitate my own. (Perhaps this message is more towards the camera man).

  6. Dan Perceval says:

    Well thank you for your comment. If all I did was offer lessons and get people interested, than that’s all it would ever surmount to and no one would really care too much beyond that. But lessons and tutorials don’t make a sport, no matter how many claims I make. The idea is to make a claim, set out a goal, and then produce results based on those claims and goals. Starting a sport is the same as starting a business. You start off with a business plan, than an internet presence, and finally products/services that you wish to sell. Money must exist and has to exist to create sport and here’s why:

    The Z-boys who started the whole following in the 70’s were met by marketing and merchandising companies who saw clear and present demand for skateboards (and probably other equipment too). The Z-boys did not make any claims to having founded skateboarding, but they could of, and in my opinion, they should of. But they were not business people. You have to have a passion for business to start a sport. Look at Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk obviously had a passion for business because he knew how to market himself. Tony Hawk doesn’t have to be an amazing skateboarder. He just has to be good enough.

    Another example:
    Look at where snowboarding is today. The guy who invented the first snowboard wasn’t recognized for founding the sport. And the reason is because he created a snowboard for his kids to ride and have fun. He supposedly didn’t do it to create a sport. Once other people took notice and saw how other kids quickly came to interest, the guy created more snowboards but he never pursued it beyond that (beyond merchandise). Another person/business took notice and came along with a better snowboard and started selling them successfully. Before you knew it, a bunch of other merchandising companies wanted in on the action. Once this occurred, snowboarding hit mainstream.

    One must learn/read case studies on how and why sports come about. It’s part of the “back-breaking work” that comes with the job. Do you think I posted this blog just to piss people off? Everything has a reason.

  7. ivan says:

    about teaching things…i think its different between freestyle skating and figure skating. my opinion, figure using mainstream way while this extreme ice skating or freestyle is using a lot of style. umm, maybe you might want to separate the roots movement for this sport and freestyle movement. the problem that i see here is, for example, many of skye’s movements are really hard and i think almost everyone that hv been watched his video are not able to do that. its like his trademark for me. so i wanna know about your thoughts considering this problem.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      You would have to ask Skye what his intentions are. If Skye doesn’t care whether other people can do his moves, than there is nothing to do — there is no problem. If Skye wants other people to do his moves, than he must show them how. If he wants to do online tutorials showing his moves, that’s fine, so long as he doesn’t use my brand name “Xtreme Ice Skating”, or my personal name.

      To address this issue at another angle: Skye’s trademark would not be “the act of doing difficult moves” (whether they are or they aren’t). Skye’s trademark would have to be the culmination of “feeling”, “inspiration”, “emotion”, and “technique”. He has to discover that and put it into a simple message for people to understand. It’s almost the same way as how Nike came up with “Just Do It”. There’s emotion attached to Nike’s slogan. This is all brand marketing, lol whether you like business or not. Same principles apply.

      I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask additional questions if need be.

    • Skye says:

      If you want to do my moves go ahead. Its not like I can stop you or anything, I just wont be putting out tutorials.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        Have you been working on any jumps lately?

      • Dan Perceval says:

        Skye, if you put up skating video on youtube that features most or all of your skills, I will post it on our “Featured Skaters” section. But the video has to highlight YOU.

      • Skye says:

        that would be cool, but we are opportunists of filming. There is never really any set dates when we film. Its also hard for me to actually do ANYTHING if I know im being watched lol. None of the videos show me skating at full potential cause the best stuff I do is usually spontaneous. I cant just whip stuff out on command like JJ can. Thanks for the offer though ;).

        And no, I don’t really practice jump tricks. I can do some stuff but its just not my forte.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        SKye than you can truly appreciate how hard exhibitions really are, because you gotta be ready whether your tired and nervous or not. Skating is mostly mental. Good luck and send me a video when you have a chance. Thanks.

  8. Jedifarce says:

    I see…so unless individuals willingly subjugate themselves over to your authority, any instruction imparted to others is tantamount to the commission of fraud? Therefore, freestyle skaters such as JJ, Mark, Manu, Terrance or Shanel instructing others and sharing their knowledge by your definition becomes a de facto criminal. This convoluted rationale is laughable and idiotic in the extreme judging how Hawaii’s ice skaters surpass your own abilities. Anybody that’s honest and with a modicum of common sense watching our videos and yours, will quickly come to this conclusion.

    The experience, the level of skill, and precision extends well beyond anything put out by the “founder.” In spite of what you may fervently believe Dan or what your ego-stroking sycophants tell you, you are not the arbiter of this activity, you never were, and never will be.

    Here are the simple facts –

    1. Nobody in Hawaii is impressed with anything put out by Dan Perceval. The reactions to this name being spoken range from mockery to outright disgust.

    2. Nobody here accepts the delusional machinations from some young upstart living in the sticks going around claiming to ‘the’ founder of an activity many skilled ice skaters spend their time enjoying. Especially when their abilities outdistance that of the supposed founder.

    3. Dan Perceval will NEVER come to Hawaii’s Ice Palace to test his claims of superiority against those he labels as frauds. Dan, you have no idea how many people here would love to put your skating abilities here to the test. You would be laughed out of here so fast your head would spin and I promise you I would video tape it and put it all up on Youtube for the world to see.

    In case anybody missed it, this is what Mark has to say on the topic of Dan Perceval->

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Jedifarce, firstly, thank you for your video. I think is positive and healthy to make sure everyone has a voice. What do you think about Ivan’s idea in regards to moving the sport forward:

      “maybe it would be great if the founder is not Dan alone but a team of skaters from several countries gathering ideas and making their own management rather than declare Dan himself as the founder as it making a lot of controversy. huff…. hope this thing ends quickly… and start making this sport as official sport like other extreme sport.”

      Let me know your thoughts. It would be greatly appreciated if your ideas and decisions helped to move the sport forward. Perhaps you can work with Ivan from Indonesia, and Nathan from England, and Ahmed from Egypt, and so on.. Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      he who promotes a sport gets the credit, others are watchers or dreamers.

      I have been doing some of the same tricks on ice 20 -25 years ago the same as you, the problem then was we did not specialize in any movement, we did the movement as we did other things on the ice. I have to give this guy Dan credit though, he found something in the movements that caused him to move forward, something none of us did years ago. I think that time passed us by and we are now waking up saying this guy Dan took those movements and created a new sport. Look, give the guy a break, who knows, someday it may be in the Olympics as a reconized sport do to Dan.

    • X_observer says:

      What a croc.

      first off, acting like you dont know ‘dan’ (‘who’s that’), is so ‘B’ (maybe C) movie rated acting.

      Second, how were those nachos, seems thats all you can do. By the way, I take offense at the sticks comment in Oklahoma. Ok’s got more class than you give credit , although I dont think Dan is from OK, if he is they’d be proud to have him.

      Finally, I think the hawaii palace is just trying to pump itself up.

      Get some better acting and be more real and stop insulting everyone , although it seems you guys are good at that.

      • Jedifarce says:

        Care to share your ice skating videos? I’ll be sure to show them to Mark for his evaluation or is meanless drivel all you can manage?

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Mark, where are yours? All I see is Skye’s and this other guy who attempts to jump every once in a while (I give him credit for that).

      I’ve seen very old videos you were in, but all I remember is you taking one footed turns and spinning in place. Your arms were hanging out on those spins — which looked like you were trying to pull your arms in but couldn’t! lol. To fix this, find the center of your balance FIRST, than pull in.

      • Paul says:

        why should this mark person evaluate peoples skating? what makes him more qualified than any other competant skater? just a question not having a pop at him! does he teach this skating style or something?

        Anyway why is it always about who is the best? It comes across that the guys at hawaii ice palace only care about being the best! I’ve watched a lot of the videos and all you guys are good skaters with quite a few tricks in your bag and infact some of the tricks are very different and ‘fresh’ i like your skating styles and the tricks you guys have come up with but just forget about trying to be the best for one minute haha!

        Where i skate there are a lot of good skaters but everyone does different things as well as sharing a lot of tricks, nobody ever competes to be the best! If i wanted to brag i could probably say that i’m the only person at my rink thats performed a fakie 360 tucked but jumping is my thing so i dont bother bragging because others will be better at other things like footwork/edgework etc

        I understand male competitiveness but come on just appreciate each others skating for once!! It feels like i’m the only person browsing these forums/youtube and other skating links that appreciates any good skating done by anyone!!

        • Dan Perceval says:

          I agree Paul. Mark shouldn’t evaluate other people’s skating. In fact, nobody should except for myself… and that’s only if people are applying for testing because they want to TEACH the sport. Xtreme Ice Skaters must prove that they know the rules so the sport sells. And if it doesn’t sell, the sport doesn’t take off. But other than that, I think this whole macho “I’m a better skater than you” thing is distasteful.

      • Skye says:

        When did I say I was trying to be the best? no one here is there is ALWAYS someone just as good or better. This is just something we do with our spare time to have fun. We don’t even really “practice” we just go out and skate. Mike (JediFarce) might make it seem that way but he is just pissed at dan lol.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        Dan didn’t do anything wrong 😦

      • ivan says:

        haha! Dan is quite funny lately. haha!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Between yourself and JJ, and “Ice Ramps“, there seems to be a lot of hate groups around here.

      • ivan says:

        i’ve just noticed about this ice ramp lately. is this sport really developed well?

      • Dan Perceval says:

        It’s not a sport dude. Their marketing is all screwy. I personally think that they were totally lost in the beginning and took years for them to find what it is they were doing (in a business sense).

        But still now, they say aggressive ice skating on their website as a sport but they are not promoting that at all. They are trying to become a product merchandising company. But they have overlooked that fact that they can not sell their “aggressive ice skate” to a market that does not exist. And more so, nor will any company want to partner or promote their product without a base market. But I think they are aware of this now, especially after their encounter at “American Inventors” when the Ice Ramps people were told by American Inventor that “their idea was great, but there’s no market for it”. That’s a rude awakening into the world of business and sports huh?

        If the Ice Ramps people are reading this, after 2006, I never had any further intention on selling an ice-skate product that copes, even though I filed a patent in 2006 before you guys had the chance to. And honestly, if you guys are seeking out “refrigeration people” to make your ice ramps, than you are in serious trouble. My advice to you is: seek out your local SBA (small business association) and write a business plan.

  9. Paul says:

    I’ve just been reading a lot of the posts and watching the videos in this thread and to be honest most of it isnt necessary!

    Personally i would say when Dan says he is the founder of ‘xtreme ice skating’ technically it could be said that he is referring to his business of teaching this style of skating and he is not declaring that he was the first person to ever do this.

    From Dans tutorials it is clear that he is a talented skater as he can do every single move on either foot and can do them very slowly step by step too which shows he is not performing them at high speed to cover lack of finesse.

    If it wasnt for Dans tutorials there would be a lot of tricks that i still find difficult but i have developed through his publicity.

    I think people need to stop the ‘competitiveness’ and the ‘hating’ and get back to enjoying the sport and spreading the word. I’m sure Dan knows himself that he may not be the best person in the world at this sport but that doesnt stop him publicising it and helping others….or even making money from it!!

    Skating is a sport – enjoy it!

  10. ivan says:

    um..well paul, the problem here is, the FOUNDER thing. that’s where the problem started. it would be a good idea if more people gather and work together as this is our lovely sport.

    maybe it would be great if the founder is not Dan alone but a team of skaters from several countries gathering ideas and making their own management rather than declare Dan himself as the founder as it making a lot of controversy. huff…. hope this thing ends quickly… and start making this sport as official sport like other extreme sport.
    ( here in jakarta, the staffs give more heart to figure skaters than hockey freestyle skaters.)

  11. Dan Perceval says:

    QUOTING Ivan:

    “maybe it would be great if the founder is not Dan alone but a team of skaters from several countries gathering ideas and making their own management rather than declare Dan himself as the founder as it making a lot of controversy. huff…. hope this thing ends quickly… and start making this sport as official sport like other extreme sport.”

    Sounds like a great idea, and I want YOU to help me figure this thing out. Come up with some ideas for me to help set up a way for Xtreme Ice Skaters to bring about resolve to many difficult questions in the sport. After all, being the founder of the sport mainly means someone is consistently solving problems so the sport can keep moving forward. I can come up with a bunch of questions that need to be solved, and then use those solutions to formulate a strategy moving forward. What do you think?

  12. X_observer says:

    Ive just read all this after visiting the site, and I cant understand why all the bickering. I agree with Paul, that no one else seems to have anything like this and the sport needs a name.

    Im not a great skater and Im trying to do the stuff myself, but I think its awesome that someone puts a name and face to this to popularize it.

    comments about the “founder” against dan seem to me more about jealousy and he isnt saying no one else can do it. he holds the brand and he must protect it. I’m a marketing executive I know this all too well.

    he is the founder of “xtreme ice skating” no matter how you slice it.

  13. Paul says:

    thanks for the back up X_observer, Dan is the founder of his business which is basically xtreme ice skating (the name). His claims of being the founder of the sport are in technical terms correct as nobody else defined this as an individual sport prior to Dan starting this business to teach it and publicise it.

    Dan never claims to have invented the tricks or even this style of skating but he is the person trying to make it a recognised sport and it could therefore be said that he is the founder of the sport not the style!

    Many places around the world I’m sure teach skating that isnt figure and might involve moves like hockey stops but again its never been titled as xtreme skating hence why Dan is perfectly reasonable in his claims. Also to add to that a hockey stop is what it is a HOCKEY stop nobody ever said it was xtreme it just served its purpose for hockey style skating.

    From what i’ve seen on youtube and other sites everyone has an opinion whether good or bad but what is with all the people in hawaii being so against him and him trying to publicise the sport?

    I admire what Dan is trying to do for the sport as many ice rinks all over the world dont really take kindly to xtreme skaters as the owners believe they are a danger and ruin the ice which is far from true as competant skaters doing these kinds of tricks are just as controlled as figure skaters in terms of their danger to others.

  14. ivan says:

    im agree with paul. like what i said before, we, freestyle skaters in jakarta, indonesia, always being seen as dangerous skaters and also main target for the rink’s staff to get banned. we freestyle skaters want the same respect as they do on figure skaters. about ruin the ice, i think figure skaters can easilly ruin the ice than hockey skaters. instead, they are more dangerous than us.

    figure skaters here tends to ignore people safety…thats sucks…

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Ivan, I’m going to create a brand new thread about the exact issues we’re talking about now and how we can ALL solve these problems.

    • X_observer says:


      Thats exactly why I think what Dan is doing is legitimizing the sport. No one can get any traction unless its organized. Even the X Games and Winter X Games were organized even though many were doing it before.

  15. Krzysiek says:

    I saw Hawaian guys video on youtube and I am impressed how they are moving and so on. It is amazing, for me they are flying! I would like to move on ice also like they. However I have not found any tutorials from them showing how to do some tricks etc. I see only Dan’s tutorials.. I think that he is doing great job, trying to learn other peoples iceskating via his website, and videos.

    Hawiian guys are good but so what ? What they are doing to help others people arround the world?

    So I do not undesrtand why their trying to attack Dan for this that he started his website, and claims that he founded Xtreme Iceskating. If they want, they can start their own “eXtreme ice-skating”. Why not? It is funny, it is like with boxing. They have WBO, IBF, WBC and they all are happy.
    So where is the problem??

    Some smart person told someday that this man is really, really good who can share, who can transfer his expierience and knowledge to the others..

    regards from Poland to all

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Thank you for your comments Krzsiek. As Ivan, Paul, and X_observer have said (or agreed upon), that attacking someone is worthless and doesn’t accomplish anything. Perhaps Jedifarce has been eating too many nachos 🙂

      • ivan says:

        hahaha! humor at last!!! ^^

        let us just move on how to make this sport better rather than giving bad thoughts or so. i think its ok if Dan is the founder, but, we are can also participate in this sport by making our own trademark style. This is the best part rather than arguing about founder thing.

        I think its time to grown up and realize more about helping each other in this sport. Still, not to forget making our very own moves too ^^ it could be very fun!

        Make the world see this sport comes alive.

    • Jedifarce says:

      As for helping the world, that is not the primary focus of the videos, it has always been my intention to showcase the talent here in Hawaii and having fun while doing it. Besides, what you don’t see in the videos is how we help each other in Hawaii while on the ice. Every person learns from each other here, nobody is born an expert. The fact that nobody here is really interested in saving the world outside of Hawaii, what can I say but – oh well that’s life.

      PS. I don’t really care for the Ice Palace nachos Dan.

      • Paul says:

        I can totally appreciate that you all help each other out at your own rink but your just not interested in spreading the word around the world teaching everyone your tricks (which i can completely understand) its quite reasonable really because when you skate with friends its natural to help each other out etc but not everyone is destined to be a teacher of the masses haha!

        I help people out at my rink too, more so than most people infact, i think i would probably make a good teacher but i dont put my videos on facebook or youtube to teach i do it just to show my skills haha! however i’m not saying there is anything wrong with teaching its just not what everyone wants to do!

      • Dan Perceval says:

        Paul, in regards to helping others, I just put up the Board of Directors. By signing up, you would be helping others in the sport.

  16. 808Monster says:

    Dude why you gotta delete my post :O

    • Dan Perceval says:

      I didn’t. It got picked up in spam filter because it had a link. I noticed it in the “pending” folder but I wouldn’t have a approved of your post anyway. You attempted to break a part my brand with lies, distortions, and convolutions. That will not be tolerated on here. In your own mind, you may think otherwise, but it doesn’t matter. Again, your post was blocked at my discretion.

      If you re-post your original message, I will block your IP address. But if you want to post a new message like.. if you want to make fun of me, or my skating, or something ridiculous, that’s fine.

      Thanks for understanding 🙂

  17. JJ says:

    my skill is moving forward, style is moving backwards. im falling into my roots, preparing the nectar of a stylistic perfectionist. falling from flashy, divided from youth, spawning streams of energy, flowing.
    Tricks are forgotten, grace is remembered. Foundation restored
    Speed enhanced
    Power regained
    Style is born.
    being noticed as a friendly reminder, i will never change my mindset to a lower standard. fear shall fail, fear shall fail you. standing from the sky, piece of cake. blending with clouds.
    Ainokea, Run Your Skate Not Your Mouth.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      “Tricks are forgotten, grace is remembered.”

      You totally forget the fundamental of skating which is tricks — if what you’re saying is true, than you only remember grace? Are you admitting to being a figure skater?

  18. Treborski says:

    I’ve seen Skye’s videos on the ice and I’d say he’s impressive… sponsor-able. Patrick…So what if you are older than him? Age is a number bro… and Mark can even beat him? (Dan Perceval Fears Hawaii’s ice skaters, Youtube )Let’s see your videos…

    Patrick says “Hawaii it’s where it’s from, baby…” <- Last I checked the only places that snow is on Mauna loa, Mauna Kea and Haleakala while the rest of the places are entirely tropical all year round (Ken Rubin, Uni. of Hawai'i…google it. I can't post a link here…wait…you are Hawai'ians so you should know it already)

    Apparently the hate the Hawai'ian gang are targeting at Dan seems to be like a publicity stunt. At least Dan's a guy who's out there training people extreme skating "from his point of view." while the rest of the jediFarce crew post hate videos "…after recovering from uncontrollable bouts of laughter watching one of Dan's exhibition videos." If the Jedifarce crew can't handle Dan's fame why cloud it? Instead, start your own whatchamacallit hulla tricks…though most people will still recognize Dan's tricks (and depending on how you present your stuff yea, you'll be recognized).

    Tony Hawks is credited with 900, Bam credited with Bam and Xtreme Ice skating to the ice skating community credited to Dan who taught most of us the tricks or we learnt from others who learnt from him.

    Dan Perceval's Xtreme ice skating is something he did something for the ice skating world…what has Jedifarce done for its community? If he's getting more fame than you shut up and skate or do something else to get your own fame. Quit hanging on his cloud 9…

    @Dan: "You Don't Get To 500 Million Friends Without Making A Few Enemies" Facebook…well you don't yet have the above figure but you get the point. I bet someone from jediFarce WILL use this line in this thread

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Of course Hawaii Ice Palace skaters are playing off the recognition and fame that WE, Xtreme Ice Skaters, have created. Every time the Hawaii skaters put up a hate video of the sport or myself, they are amassing an affront against ice-skaters everywhere, including those wonderful human beings (business advisers), who helped organize the sport.

      Thank you to everyone involved.

      A very special thanks to the Board of Directors, and also to the following: Vic (P.R. & Marketing), Alex (Strategic business management), Priya (Marketing & organization), Bob (Taxes), Richy (Sports rehabilitation), Ron (Photographer), George (Manufacturing), Don (Manufacturing), Alex W. & Devorah (Videographer & business meetings), Audrey Snowden (Editor at IFS Magazine), Mark (Business article), Mike & Joanne & Melody (Hanukkah exhibitions & general support), Sid Morgan (Holiday exhibitions), Anthony Rifilato (Newspaper article), Rich (Rink Owner – lessons 2006), Lisa (Xtreme Ice Skate idea), Chris (skate sharpenings — for perfect 1/4″ every time), Vivian F. (Manufacturing), Muhammad (London exhibition), and last but not least — Gene & Kathy Perceval (For EVERYTHING).

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