This is outrageous. Some sports website claims: “New crappy sport”.

Posted: June 21, 2009 in Xtreme Ice Skating

I think this is insane. This website tears people a part just for the fun of it. What do you think about their claim?

  1. Jon says:

    They’re probably just jealous.

  2. Paul says:

    to be fair the video is a tad cheesy but i dont doubt that it could still inspire youngsters to take up the sport!

    As for the negative comment above well i would just say that its quite evident that Dan is skating on what looks like a frozen tennis court or something and not even a proper rink. He clearly doesnt have a big area to show all his best moves and as i’m sure other people have mentioned in other threads…i thought xtreme ice skating was all about your own style??? why hate on someone elses style if thats what the sport is supposedly about??

    Anyway love that move that was like a jump into a ‘teapot’ absolutely brilliant, i can do teapot on my hockey skates which impresses some of the figure skaters at my rink but that was another level haha!

    • Jedifarce says:

      “i thought xtreme ice skating was all about your own style???”

      That’s pretty funny Paul, so why does that only apply to Dan himself and not to other people? When Hockeysk8er says, that’s the way I like to do my jumps, Dan says, “No sir, it’s my sport and my rules.”

      Which is it Paul?

  3. Jedifarce says:

    Good god, I can only hope our Hawaii skaters never look that horrible.

    Nah, it would never happen, we’ve got a good sense of style.

    As for their claim, yah it’s pretty much spot on.

  4. Paul says:

    jedifarce, when i say about the sport being about styles i mean any style not just Dans fast action style. I’ve watched a lot of the hawaii skaters videos on you tube and i love the different moves they have created and the twisty turny smooth style they have! I like it all and I dont believe in any way that only Dans style is correct!

    I’ve mentioned previously in one of the threads about the jumps as this seems to be causing the most controversy! I personally have always done my jumps with tucked legs…I’m not even sure why haha but other skaters at my rink dont tuck legs as much as I do particularly on frontside 180s or fakie 360s but each to their own i say. I actually quite like the twisty way that some of the other skaters do their fakie 360s but i personally believe mine has the wow factor haha!!

  5. mercerd says:

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