Xtreme Ice Skater’s ALL work together to help move sport forward.

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

Based on the heated discussion about our sport, there seems to be a consensus that we ALL must work together to help get our sport off the ground. The sport needs your help. Why don’t we all take ownership of our amazing sport and start figuring out answers to difficult questions.

Questions that need answers:

1- How do we get ice rink management on OUR side and interested in our sport?
2- What are some local things that we can do to help build a strong local Xtreme Ice Skating community?
3- How can we build an even stronger global Xtreme Ice Skating presence?
4- What do you think about the idea of having a Newsletter that answers all of these questions that we’re trying to solve in the sport (and future questions), and is published to all of our friends and Xtreme Ice Skaters alike?
5- What is a fair amount of money to pay for insurance to teach the sport at our local rinks?
6- How do we gain respect from figure skaters, figure skating directors, and rink management? (that we are NOT trouble-makers, that we are NOT a threat to the figure skating business, and we that just want to practice and have fun with our friends)?
7- Based on question 6, is there a way we can have our own public session (sort of speak)? A session for Xtreme Ice Skaters and anyone who wants to be different that’s wearing protective equipment?

Please feel free to submit your own questions.

  1. ivan says:

    1. i think unless the sport became official sport, the rink management would hardly give any good response to the skaters. Well, this is for some countries maybe. because if we saw on youtube, i saw some videos that comes from the skating school itself.

    We in jakarta still find it hard to get some heart from management. But we still gather around every thursday and friday to skate in number to let people know the sport exists here.

    Other problem i found is, lack of skater in number. A lot of figure skater practice everyday that we dont hv any room to practice. Well, we cant change that LOL

  2. Dan Perceval says:

    I can answer your questions with another question:

    1. How do we make Xtreme Ice Skating more official as a sport?
    Possible Answer
    2. How do we increase the numbers?

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