FrontSide 720° Jump

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Jumps

Julio from Spain, is the first Xtreme Ice Skater to do a FrontSide 720°. And for those of you who have been discussing the popular “Fakie 900” topic, please watch for the height of Julio’s knees (they are at hip level), a valid Xtreme Ice Skating jump:

FrontSide 720° by Julio

Xtreme Ice Skater: Jhuls from Spain

  1. julio says:

    that’s me??? 😉

    thank you dan! but i’m just an amateur!


  2. Paul says:

    Muy bien Julio me gusta mucho! Haha i know a bit of spanish!!

    Hopefully one day i’ll land something as crazy as that!! However i’m a perfectionist when it comes to criticising myself and i would insist on a perfectly straight take off and no further rotations after the landing. Please don’t take that as an attack on your trick because i think its brilliant I’m just referring to myself! haha!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      I hear that. For myself, I just want to fly in the air. This is not good half the time because I forget that I have to land!

      • ivan says:

        Dan, is it because the weight of your skates? figure boots are heavy T.T My friend had a size for me and i tried to skate with it..the result, it was sooooo heavy! i tried to jump but not as good when i use my hockey skates. DO you also broke your RBK after a lot of jumps?

        • Dan Perceval says:

          Ivan, I bought a brand new pair of Reeboks and broke then in two hours from skating hard and doing jumps. Hockey skates are made of plastic. That’s why they break. Plastic doesn’t have any durability. Don’t let these boot manufacturers sell you the idea that lighter is better. Lighter is not always better. There’s a reason why figure skating boots are heavy. Figure boots are heavy because they’re made of leather. Leather is very durable and will not crack or break from jumps. The biggest draw-back from leather though is the weight.

  3. julio says:

    Dan, it will be great if u could come to madrid in september! Just let me know to meet us!

    Take care

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Hey Julio. Thanks for the invite. My parents don’t know for sure if they’re still going to Spain or not. My father suggested taking a cruise throughout Alaska, but my mom didn’t like that idea.

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