Rink management forbids Xtreme Ice Skater to do jumps.

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Jumps, Tricks, Xtreme Ice Skating

Nathan (jesus – his nickname), an Xtreme Ice Skater from the UK, has been told by rink management he can no longer jump and do his tricks. We think this is unjust. Figure skaters have their own practice times and are able to perform “moves in the field” during public sessions. The rink should cater to Xtreme Ice Skaters as well. After all, we just want to practice our stuff, and maybe even make some friends along the way. Please sign the petition below in support of both Nathan and our sport. Twenty people have signed already.

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  1. Paul says:

    This is just wrong, I havent seen Nathan skate for a while and I wondered why!!

  2. Jedifarce says:

    We don’t have this problem, if you can demonstrate your abilities on the ice, the staff won’t bother you. However, if you obviously lack control, skating above your skill level (such as skaters skating fast and barely in control), and don’t display good judgement, then you should be reprimanded.

    It’s not always “them vs us,” it could very well be that you were skating like an a-hole, endangering the other skaters and management simply got fed up with it.

  3. Paul says:

    thats a good point really jedifarce and that does happen when people attend a skate session for the first time ever and think they are really good and travel way to fast stumbling all over the place wiping people out haha! However at my rink they never get told to tame it down even when like i say they are endangering others, silly really!

    I do find though that the staff at my rink are pretty laid back about what the good skaters do but if management sees hockey skaters jumping, really really speed skating etc sometimes the staff are forced to say something but in all honesty in my experience its quite rare!

  4. Max says:

    It is true.. I am in the UK and skate at the London ice rink Queens ice and bowl..
    They are effectively BANNING all skaters that perform, they deem, ‘dangerous stunts’!
    Yes some people who skate on a regular basis do cause trouble and loose control often, which they ban.. As well as banning many skaters who can control their blades and can skate really well..
    The management refuse to accept that some people skate dangerously and some people skate safely – they just bundle us up in to one big happy family 😦

    Generally management will only complain if customer’s complain or you knock someone over – i don’t see why Xtreme Ice Skaters are discriminated for some reason, just because we don’t dress up in pink dresses and dance around doesn’t mean we cannot do jumps!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      I can’t believe this Max. And this is the rink I did an exhibition at in 2006. What is going on lately with the ice rinks in the UK? Why are they getting so insanely strict? Are people starting to sue more-so than ever?

  5. Max says:

    I have no clue!
    They have lost their way! They begin to realise that apparently having skaters who skate every single weekend is bad and they should ban them to let family skaters come in, who come skating once a year!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      It seems to be about money. Well, I’d rather the situation be about money than an internal disagreement, which would be an emotional issue and probably an unsolvable one.

      Money issues can be dealt with by showing massive power and turnout in a sustained market for the rink — and of course, one that entails little risk. This is good news (if one was to take a negative and turn it into a positive).

  6. ivan says:

    OMG…its even worse than in jakarta T.T

    Here, we skaters are more like rebels ^^ every thursday and friday we skates in quite big group to get more room. But we practice safely, no one get hurt. One thing that often disturbed me is when there is a lot of kids around. Can’t practice jump that way T.T

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Ivan, is it possible you can mobilize that group of skaters and have them come on this board? Because I am thinking of something right now that could solve you guys problem if you all got together. The fact that there’s a lot of you might make this work. Can you guys all pitch in and rent the ice once or twice a week? Let me know. I will help you guys achieve this.

  7. ivan says:

    well, i believe its money problem. Figure skaters pay more than we freestyle skaters. And also the rink is made for figure skating purpose. But right now we really out of numbers. When everyone gather around its like 30 skaters. But these days, is sooo hard to make them come. Its like 5 to 7 skaters. Myself, im gaining younger skaters, well there are 4 of them. I continuously teach them any trick i can do. I’ll try to make them all get in here. Thx a lot Dan.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Sure no problem. Its numbers that’s gonna make this thing work. If all of the skaters you congregate around or teach are on this board, it’s getting them to THINK about ice-skating when they’re not at the rink. This will hopefully get them more addicted to skating, and make them act when they need to. Another words, most people say they will do something, but never do, such as giving their share of money to rent the ice. But if they’re totally obsessed with skating, the chances of them contributing to buy ice time will be much more likely.

      And if you can get this thing going, where everyone is pitching in on a regular basis, you’re giving the rink a substantial amount of money. And this creates POWER. If a rink reacts to money and it’s money that you have in numbers, than build the numbers to create purchasing power, and the rink will soon shift their attitudes in YOUR favor. Just watch 🙂

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Here’s a news story that is similar to what we’re talking about, but only in the idea of using the internet to build power and recognition to get something the skaters want:

      “Ice-rink supporters take their case to the Web”


  8. nathan says:

    I believe the reason behind this recent strictness is the ‘where theres blame theres a claim’ culture which is taking over our way of life. I hear that my rink gets multiple claims a week from the general public trying to get ‘free’ money. I have a thought on a solution but dont know if it would be effective. What if xtreme ice skaters could take out some kind of insurance policy against injuring the public. Then sign an insurance waiver with the ice rinks. The public are far less likely to try their luck against one person than they are with a big company. Any thoughts or feedback would be much appreciated.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Great idea Nathan. I think ice rinks need to be assured that there’s little risk in purveying more skating rights to Xtreme Ice Skaters if there’s going to be a return on the rink’s investment (as least for public sessions). So another words, Xtreme Ice Skating has to bring cash flow into the rink and with little risk.

      However, I think it’s going to be hard to get Xtreme Ice Skaters to pay for insurance in addition to having to cough up the money for skating fees and protective equipment. This will greatly raise the market entry barriers on the sport thereby greatly reducing the number of participants. But if you look at freestyle sessions for figure skaters; figure skaters aren’t required to buy extra insurance to practice during freestyle sessions. Insurance is only required for teaching. So for Xtreme Ice Skating, Instructors will definitely need to carry their own insurance, but regular participants do not.

      I think your idea for requiring Xtreme Ice Skating participants to carry insurance might equate to the idea of having well established rules and guidelines for a special “Xtreme Ice Skating session”, which would be equivalent to freestyle sessions but requiring protective equipment and rules such as “one can not jump over another, no physical contact, must wear a helmet and other body gear, etc..). The biggest problem we will face with this situation is the number of participants. The rink needs to know there’s a strong market for this “Xtreme Ice Skating session” and that it will not fizz after a short time.

  9. nathan says:

    Oh and by the way im the xtreme ice skater known as ‘jesus’ and my rink seem to be laying off me recently and allowing me more freedom. Maybe its because its the quiet season, or perhaps because i teach ‘newbies’ the basics and show them that we are a nice crowd and as a result some of them become regular skaters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nathan, so this IS a money issue! This is good news! This means that we can mobilize our sport into a well organized money-making machine that exhibits both respect and dignity at a local ice-rink community. This is the answer we have been looking for.

      1. We need to get you and other Xtreme Ice Skaters certified to teach. (certified because of insurance, integrity of sport, and byproduct of great skaters).

      2. I have to start looking for insurance for Xtreme Ice Skaters that covers both them and the rink (includes both general liability, sport liability, and probably excess med pay).

      3. Distinguish ourselves and our sport as dignified, respectful, and polite skaters. Rink management must know that we are the chivalrous knights out there on their ice, who happen to also be thrill seekers, and the ones bringing in serious cash to their business 😉

      Cash cow is the name of the game and we get only one shot at this. The entire skating and business community is watching us, and under a microscope (believe me).

    • Dan Perceval says:

      That last comment was from me.

  10. ivan says:

    yeah thats the problem.. money problem.. T.T while figure skaters can hv their ice time, we hockey skaters dont hv (but we are ice skating students too here for hockey). We most likely adapt with condition of rink. IF its sooo crowded we just skating around doing simple trick when there is a small spot to play. If the rink is full of figure skaters, we just pick a side to practice. So the rink is like divided into two sde. I get used to it now. ^^ but that makes our numbers decreased too, while some of skaters are moving to another country for job, live, school…it would be very fun just to see 2 or 4 skaters around.

  11. Nice Post……..a good point you have taken in this blog………..

  12. Paul says:

    I got threatened to be kicked off the rink last night for doing jumps…when i was told, all i was doing was jumping on the spot acting silly!! I have to say considering it was the first time i was told it wasnt very politely either!!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Why does the rink allow you to jump all this time and all of a sudden now, they don’t allow you to jump? I bet you this rink doesn’t approach figure skaters and tell them rudely that they can’t jump. Rink management has ignored the basic business principle of “customer relationship management”. It costs more money to get new customers than to retain the ones they already have. Very ignorant.

    • ivan says:

      more bad rink management…oh my God… gladly, here still peaceful…well….yet…. as the rink visitor is still sooo many, i can do jumps…just footworks and stops…

  13. nathan says:

    which rink were you skating at paul. was it blackburn?

  14. Paul says:

    yeah it was, it was good all night but loads of people suddenly got told off towards the end for doing jumps, footwork and even spins!

    It felt a bit like do no tricks or go home thankfully it was 5 mins-ish before the end so i’ll just forget it happened next time i go haha!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      How can the rink not see that there’s great interested in ice-skating other than hockey and figure skating. It’s like they’re purposely try to close off a totally new market.

    • nathan says:

      The situation at blackburn rink is fairly strange.Sometimes i get away with loads and sometimes i get away with nothing and even get made an example of before i go on the ice. It seems the mood of the manager who is working determines what we get away with. It seems that we are a target for managers in a bad mood to vent on espacially people like me who dont generally argue back much.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        Nathan, that sounds very familiar. How does one deal with emotional situations? If the rink has a money problem, than that’s pretty easy to deal with. But if a manager makes policies based on his/her mood, that’s an impossible situation to hack. Ever notice how almost every manager at ANY business is emotional and fickle?

  15. ivan says:

    umm,,just a question that appears about extreme ice skaters. why skaters often hv a bad impression from rink management? even the coaches. few years ago, there was a coach that trying to get rid off extreme ice skaters. a lot of us got disbanned for months. still, we trying to change that image, but it worked a little. however, im trying to give influence to the skater’s parents, visitors by giving much attention to them. for rink management, i guess money still talk well to calm em down..

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Ivan, I think what you are doing on the ice to quell anger against Xtreme Ice Skaters should be in our next Board Meeting. Because if what you are doing is working to some degree, than it should be enacted as policy for every Xtreme Ice Skater throughout the world. I do this too – I talk to parents, I smile at patrons of the rink and help them. I even spend time with little kids just entertaining them and being a mentor or friend to them. And it helps a lot. IF the rink sees that we are nurturing and have a kind heart, their perception is likely to change to some degree.

  16. Paul says:

    to be honest even figure skaters got told off the other night which is just weird especially so close to the end of the session! Its like they think were ruining the ice and yet they host a public session straight after a hockey match without refreshing the ice!!

    I actually notice on the most part that many parents and just general public attending the ice rink are very impressed by xtreme skaters abilities. They will stop to watch and show their children. Its only the odd few over protective parents that take a dislike to the speed that skaters sometimes travel at! Its for this reason that I cant really understand why management are so against tricks etc other than health and safety reasons as for some reason they believe skaters will hurt less experienced/new skaters.

    I actually find it funny how health and safety mad ice rinks are….they have signs everywhere stating that you skate at your own risk but then tell you off and threaten to ban you if your doing anything more than just skating in a big circle!!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Same thing in this country about the signs and constant harassment from rink management. Luckily though, I have found a rink which allows me to skate however I want. I think this is because of management being thoughtful and realistic in public relations problems, but also because most of the staff their know me and put in a good word about me. If asked, they usually say, “Dan’s a nice guy”. But then again, I am the only Xtreme Ice Skater at my rink, and there are probably only two of us on Long Island, so there’s nobody to muck up the waters.

  17. Paul says:

    yeah blackburn is strange it can be very relaxed one minute and not the next! Arguing back is probably never wise though as they will always have the last say and at the end of the day they can ban you for whatever reason they like!! It is fairly good on the most part though! Just keep it subtle when the managers about haha!

    • nathan says:

      paul u need to learn to widen your vision and try and keep tabs on where managers are.Scan the outsides of the ice and round the office and cafe area before you start doin stuff.When you get caught just be humble and apologise and then keep a low profile for rest of session by doing footwork or maybe sharpening up your basic skating skills.Thats what i do and it seems to serve me quite well in keeping in the managers good graces most of the time.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      It is possible that you and Nathan could meet and start practicing together? The only downside I could see to this is that management will be more likely to see 2 skaters than 1.

      What do you think?

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Also, maybe you guys can start talking to as many figure skaters and figure skating coaches as possible. We will need them on our side. The only way right now to quell management’s complaining is to build local community support, almost like a grassroots movement. Perhaps I can write a press release about this issue and see if any media outlets in you guy’s area will pick it up. Maybe a local newspaper might run the story. But in the mean time, having figure skating coaches especially, on your side, will help because they usually know the figure skating director who runs the rink’s figure skating school. If you have an “in” with someone who brings a lot of money into the rink, than we may gain some traction.

      • ivan says:

        ahh! yes, that’s right. sorry i totally forgot about this one >.< i also try to make friends with figure skaters. lucky me, a make friend with the rink owner's daughter ^^v and she's nice to me. it helps!

        • Dan Perceval says:

          That’s right Ivan. We all have to become politicians, or so it seems. I’ve made countless friends with not only figure skaters and coaches, but with ordinary parents who bring their kids to the rink.

          The best way to get a figure skater to like you is to impress them by doing figure skating jumps. It also helps if you smile a lot and mimic their movements. You will get a reaction by showing interest in THEIR SPORT. This concept sort of works the same way as if someone was to show gratitude towards something that you absolutely love.

          In regards to coaches, I found that the best way to get their attention is two combine two things at once: show them you’re really really good at Xtreme Ice Skating, and the second is to mimic the movements which they are presently teaching to their student… because the student will react to you and usually smile (that’s when you smile back), and NOW you have the attention of the figure skating coach, and this is when you show them THEIR SPORT at your best (real quickly). This works every freakin’ time! ..like butter on bread. 🙂 One last thing: approach them and have a quick 30 second small talk with the coach and compliment their student.

          The best way to get parents on your side is to simply impress the heck out of them. Entertain them. Show them stuff that makes them say “WOW”. Wow-factor, remember? And if they have kids, be VERY careful around their kids. Spend time teaching their kids. Make them laugh and have fun. I guarantee if you do all these things, the parents’ will follow you off the ice to thank you for your appreciation towards their kids and for the show you put on (while rink management is not watching, of course).

  18. Paul says:

    I do try and keep an eye out for management or even the stewards sometimes if I’m planning on doing any jumps, like i’ve said previously on the most part they are pretty good about the xtreme skaters at our rink…however i cant really say that i’ve experienced the attitudes of staff at other rinks yet!!

    As for making a good impression this is certainly something I try to do as its how i am anyway! I do sometimes try and show off a little like you say for the wow factor!

    In regards to skating with nathan, technically it could be said that this is something i do anyway…i dunno if nathan realises it yet but i know who he is and if he thought about it i think he would know who i am too haha! Sometimes we skate on the same nights and chat. Its just a case of seeing who turns up on the night and have a chat with them!

  19. nathan says:

    i already talk to a few figure skaters and i know two three figure skating coaches all are impressed by the tricks i have shown them.I even know a hockey coach and a lot of the players and players parents all on good terms with me fortunately.

  20. nathan says:

    As for paul i may well know him but i know a lot of pauls who skate. Paul pick a night during week and we can meet up and have a laugh mate and clear up the mystery of who you are haha

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Nathan, have you asked your rink yet about letting someone record you for testing?

      And second, I’m changing the rules for the Beginner tricks based on what everyone just voted on. I’m not sure if you were waiting for me to do that, but I guess you can just practice the rules without the arms and that will be what is required for Beginner test. Testing is free right now dude.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Wish I could skate with you guys but too many miles between us.

  21. Paul says:

    Nathan, i was skating last night but well obviously you werent there. I’ll be there on sunday night too all being well. I usually skate thursday night and sunday night at the moment.

    I’ve also just thought of how you’ll know who I am…I’m magnus’ mate! Surely you only know one magnus haha!

    Yeah Dan would be cool for you to skate with us shame theres a couple of miles between us haha! If you’re ever in england you should come to blackburn!!

    I was practising lots of jumps last night and never got told off but there wasnt even a steward on the ice haha! They were so short staffed they asked me if i’d work for them for one night only haha! Still struggling to get the fakie 360 tidy…i think i’m twisting too much on take off instead of just jumping!!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      If I was ever in England again, I would personally come visit you and Nathan. I actually sort of need to be back in your country because of business when lessons kick off, but I can’t afford to go back. I will have to find a sponsor or an ice show to pay for me trip. I’m not sure if you heard anything about the oxford freestyler’s but in 2007, I got an email from some ice show and they were asking about where they can find Xtreme Ice Skaters. So I pointed them to a few people and one of them was probably the oxford skate team (even though they are not Xtreme Ice Skaters).

      • Joey Tsang says:

        Joey Tsang of the Oxford Freestylers here.
        I’m not quite clear on what your perceptioni of “Xtreme Ice skating” is but from what we have all seen in your videos it’s everything you would find at a normal public session here.

        We can (even our youngest member) execute all of your documented tricks and more. (We just don’t document them)

        We were not hand picked or pointed out, we were totally unknown until we appeared in front of national television with Torvill and Dean.

        Either way Hello Dan! Loving the stuff you been promoting in the US for years and we didn’t discover you until a few months ago 😀

        People see us and they think extreme ice skating but to us it’s just session fun. We were however lucky enough to show the whole nation what we were capable of and it shouldn’t just be figure skating and ice hockey that get’s the recognition.

        • Dan Perceval says:

          Hello. Thank you for visiting my Xtreme Ice Skating Community blog. I appreciate your comments and your positive criticism.

          I have a few questions if you wouldn’t mind answering, and if you have the time.

          1. Are you guys interested in the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating?

          2. And if so, would you be willing to sign-up for the sport so you can go through testing so you can teach the sport?

          3. If you are not interested in the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating, are you looking to promote your own style of skating as just a “style” or as a new sport?

          4. I read that one of your team Members missed a semester at college (university) just so he could tour. Is this person majoring in business?

          I’ve been very much informed of who you guys are, what you’re doing, and where you’ve been traveling from the beginning. It is my job to know. I am glad that you have found my blog 😉

          Thanks so much for answering the questions!

        • nathan says:

          hi i have a question for you too. Is your local ice rink strict on what you can and cant do because i been skating at other rinks and am considering coming to your rink to see what i can learn from the skaters there. I find each ice rink has some of its own tricks and i like trying new tricks you see.

          • Joey Tsang says:

            Sometimes strict and sometimes not, It depends on the steward and a lot if I am there or not. I’m the oldest and they all know me and I’m good friends with the stewards. I also worked there before so they trust me.

            Facebook for us.

  22. Paul says:

    you should ask blackburn if you can do a show haha! Yeah i’ve heard of the oxford freestylers…I never saw them perform when it was on telly but i’ve since seen it on youtube!

    It would be really cool and interesting to choreograph a skating routine for a show although i can do some good tricks i dont think i’m quite that good yet!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      It’s possible to choreograph a show together with you and Nathan, but the problem is that I can’t afford to come to your country. And the sport isn’t making any money right now so I have no money for investment either. Back in 2005, I tried seeking out angel investors and found only 1 person who was willing to listen to my proposal. Of course, the guy never invested in my business but even so, I’ve applied for sponsorships from Under Armour and a few others but was turned down.

      • Paul says:

        yeah i realise its a lot of money maybe i’ll be good enough by the time you end up coming over here again haha altho i’m probably puttin my abilities down a bit by saying that!!…just keep trying with the sponsors, just pester every hockey brand in existence haha sooner or later you’ll get some luck!

        • Dan Perceval says:

          Paul, if I don’t figure out a way to make money in this sport, I won’t be back to England. The Membership obviously isn’t working very well. And I doubt I could sell products like t-shirts. So I don’t know at the moment. I’m actually still trying to figure out why Membership isn’t working. Nathan signed up and maybe 4 others, but that’s it. I think there’s a service or services that I’m not offering that I should be. I don’t know what they should be. What would you want (other than certification to teach)?

  23. Paul says:

    in fact while its summer holidays here in england maybe some skate rinks would be interested in a show for extra publicity of their rink! Just a thought!

    • Anonymous says:

      Pual, thank you for that. Yes, I would definitely prepare an Xtreme Ice Skating exhibition as well. But I would also invited you and Nathan to not only come and skate, but to site down together and figure out how some details on having you guys teach the sport next year. A 2 week trip to your country would cost me 6 thousand dollars, or about one third the price of a new car.

      • Paul says:

        6 thousand dollars??!?!? surely a flight would only be like £500 roughly and then 2 weeks accomadation probably i dont know say £600? depending on where you stay it could probably be more or less than that quite significantly. But either way…thats still a lot of money for a business trip haha!

  24. Paul says:

    your last msg wont let me reply to it so i’ll just type my response here and hope it makes sense to you….

    basically what does membership to your site/club currently offer? Skaters need a reason to pay for membership.

    Also just a suggest i would say although you’re site is well laid out and easy to understand i think it could have more of the wow factor. Maybe try and get a contact that could do web design for you to improve the site. A fancy looking website always helps!

    The only way i think you could get money from the sport to re-invest currently would be to try and get paid for doing some exhibitions/shows at rinks close to where you are. It would cost you very little to do and get to and you’d get a bit back from it. Try and put it forward to rinks that it would increase publicity at their rink and that it could encourage new business or at least a boost to business if it was advertised!

  25. nathan says:

    Dan i have an idea. You developed an xtreme ice skate for our sport. Why not try and sell the idea to one of the major skate manufacturers that would give you enough to plan a business trip.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Nathan, thanks for the idea. I had developed the Xtreme Ice Skate for our sport alongside the figure skate manufacturer “Klingbeil”. They are their own skate manufacturer and are very well known. So anyway, I am still in the testing phase of the Xtreme Ice Skate. Klingbeil wants to make sure that if they sell a skate to Xtreme Ice Skaters, that the skate is top of the line and that there are no problems (at least that is my foresight). I am not sure when the testing phase will end.

      Business to business relationships are very hard to create, and I’m still learning how to create a win/win situation. Nathan, would you have any interest in the Xtreme Ice Skate if/when it’s ready to go on the market?

      • nathan says:

        Well i would be prepared to try them out but maybe a few of us should test them just before you put them on the market. The reason behind this is that your opinion of a perfect skate could be completely different to somebody elses. Maybe when you have completed your tests on them you should give us an oppurtunity to tet them to gauge different skaters points of view on them.

        • Dan Perceval says:

          That’s a tough one, Nathan, because it costs the manufacturer a lot of money to make each skate. The skates are all hand-made. The only issue the skate would have at this point is weight. They weigh the same as rollerblades. The weight has affected my skating in jumps mainly. The skates sort of pull me forward in the air and it’s harder to stay in a perfect up-and-down knee-tucked position. But other than that, there was a slight learning curve, maybe two weeks, before my muscles compensated for the extra weight. But since they are heavy, they are indestructible. You can jump every single day for a year straight and the skates will just take it. But because they’re so strong, they take 3 months to break-in, and that’s skating almost every day. For someone who skates only twice a week, these skates will last for years.

        • Dan Perceval says:

          As mentioned before, I don’t think that Klingbeil will give out free skates to test. It would probably cost too much money. Even the test model I have now I had to pay for. Yourself and others will have to make a decision to purchase the skate or not based on the pro’s and con’s. The only con is the weight, and maybe that they look too much like a figure skate. But other than that, the skate is custom-made to the person’s foot, almost like a custom-made wetsuit for surfing. And obviously you know that they’re very strong. They have a flex point to jump high. I could make of video of them and answer frequently asked questions if you want, or anyone else wants.

  26. nathan says:

    As for permission to film for testing im still waiting for a decision from the director.Obviously its bottom of the to do list for him.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Nathan, is it possible for you to travel to another rink that will allow you to film? I am sort of waiting for you to submit A Beginner testing video before I start promoting you. And that reason is because I need to both show and inspire other Xtreme Ice Skaters as to what you are doing or trying to do.

      Also, I know I haven’t changed the beginner rules yet on the website but I will real soon. The changes will reflect the decisions made by the Board. I am sort of doing tutorials and rules at the same time in addition to promoting this blog.

      • nathan says:

        I will look into filming at another rink. But i am going to wait until you have applied the changes to testing and then i could use all the information you can provide just before i do the testing video

  27. ivan says:

    Dan, is there any problem occurs on skates when doing jumps? i had some cracked sound on my holder yesterday after doing 3 dime stop and jump around..T.T now it sounds like maracas.T.T oh im using one75, LS2. and about your klingbeil skates, is it basically the same boot like figure? it comoes to my mind to change to graf which recommended as stronger skates.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      What does LS2 mean? If you’re using T-blades, you will crack or break them from Dime Stops and Jumps. The Klingbeil Xtreme Ice Skate is a figure boot but it’s made for the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating. The boot has certain adjustments and extra padding on it, and is very strong (very stiff).

      • ivan says:

        oh its lightspeed 2 holder. that applied on bauer or nike bauer skates. well, its not broken on the outside yET, but i also got an ankle problem…T.T after doing jumps and trying to spin on one foot (its so damn hard for me), and ended “nicely” that i had to go to infirmary. T.T no skating for a few days…oh dear.. however, i managed to get more antusiasm from few visitor about freestyle skating (which gonna be extreme ice skating when i got in touch with them ^^v).

      • ivan says:

        hopefully Dan. because they are still high school students which moms are very strict about school stuffs. hehehe. but, in time i hope. Some of us still gathered every friday and thursday. The other problem, still, money. Skates cost a lot because there’s no proshop here anymore. So we depends on shipping which costs a lot too. This is what makes this sport isnt going well.

  28. Paul says:

    I still wanna get some filming done but last night was a bad skate night for me! Had a long day then arrived at skating late, not impressed! Didnt land any jumps cleanly except a frontside 180 and even fell doing that the first time and I’m suffering for it today my hip is killing! Hopefully thursday night will be better for me!

  29. Paul says:

    I was so mentally drained when i went skating last night….I did about 5 hours driving yesterday and then went skating straight after!! Not good! My jumps were appauling its a while since they’ve been so shockingly unclean, roll on thursday!

    • nathan says:

      I think you are holding back. After what you were telling me last night about landing that 540 badly. It seems you have lost your confidence slightly when it comes to jumps,when you jump you seem to hold back as if your preparing for falling.Remember what i was saying about not thinking about falling because if you think about falling you usually do. You should also practice getting low and getting your hand down on the ice like i showed you. I might come down thursday myself.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Try to also visualize yourself landing the jump before you even jump. Also, practice your off-ice training as much as possible. I regularly jump off-ice and am finally able to do 2 rotations off-ice. This has helped on ice with my jumps, but not as much when pertaining to take-off.

  30. Paul says:

    Think I’m def gonna have to get my confidence up on thursday, sunday was such a bad day for me! I went to view a potential new car…drove 2 hours to see it and it was a bit run down to be honest! I went so far because it was very special based on its spec but ahhh it was just disappointing!!

    Right i’ve decided thursday will be a good skate session gonna really give it some stick!!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      The best way to get your confidence up is to wear protective equipment. You can hide most protective equipment underneath your clothing such as elbow pads, knee pads, hip protection (roller hockey girdle), and etc.. It would be hard to hide wrist guards although they are greatly needed.

  31. ivan says:

    wrist guard is very important. when falling and you landed on your hands, its very much hurts like heel. T.T

  32. ivan says:

    i mean hell..

  33. Florian says:

    I can’t believe that your rinks are so strict ,
    especially most of xtreme ice skater are adult’s .

    Personally I think the little kids which slide on there
    backs or chest are a much more safety risk .

    I’m skating in Germany and we have no problems yet ,
    I’m sorry for you to hear that you get kicked out of rinks sometimes… it’s a bid ridiculous…

    On a little site note, I joined my local figure skating
    team but I told them I won’t do there stuff and train on my own. This works very well for me when it comes to relationships with the rink stuff.

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