Should “T-blades” be used for Xtreme Ice Skating?

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Sport, T-Blades, Xtreme Ice Skating

The question is: should T-blades be used for Xtreme Ice Skating? My answer is NO! Xtreme Ice Skaters have complained that they have cracked from jumps and from doing the Dime Stop. It is best to use the conventional blade and blade-holder system that comes with the skate.


  1. Paul says:

    I’ve used t-blades for almost a year and a half now and I always perform jumps and dime stops etc and i’ve never looked back after having this style of blade! However i really don’t weigh very much so the forces on the blade won’t be as high as with other skaters haha!

    I have known other people to break these types of blades but it seems rare. Although i do know someone that broke a standard blade doing a jump haha!

    I would say this type of blade is all about personal preference and how it performs for you and your skating!

  2. Jedifarce says:

    To t-blade or not to t-blade, that is the question

    To t-blade or not to t-blade, that is the question (part 2)

    To t-blade or not to t-blade, that is the question (part 3)

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Hi Jedifarce. The reason why your comment had to be approved is because it had links in it. Posting your videos is fine. The approval for the links is an extra measure that Word Press has to eliminate spam.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      So you guys really love your t-blades huh?

      • Jedifarce says:

        Despite what these videos show, I’m personally not a strong proponent of t-blades. I don’t believe they give a good flow or smoothness to ones skating style, but that’s me and how I prefer to skate when on the ice. I have t-blades on a ccm vector 120 using the L-9’s, but I don’t wear them all the time, probably twice a month. I mostly bought them to test them out. The people on our videos not wearing t-blades will often display very good flow, while those with t-blades utilize very powerful and dynamic skating styles.

        I’d recommend the steel runners on the Cobra holders if you desire a runner that will hold up against bad ice skating conditions. I’ve got a Graf 735 with the NT 3000, and that steel is much harder in my opinion than what is found on t-blades or the Tuuk Lightspeeds. I realized this the first time I tried to sharpen the Cobra runner with a Bladedoctor sharpener, whereas the steel on the Lightspeed would be honed with the stone, the Cobra runner would resist my attempts to sharpen it by hand. The Bladedoctor didn’t have any affect.

        With my Lightspeed, the steel is much softer, so I hone the edges pretty much after every third skating session because they dull rather quickly. However, with the Cobra runners they haven’t lost their edge as fast as the t-blade or the Lightspeeds. I’ve told this to people that use t-blades religiously and they don’t believe me, they’ve pretty much have invested in a mindset that t-blades are the ‘be all and end all’ when it comes to strong steel runners. I don’t agree having skated and tested all three runners, but to each his own. I think the fascination with t-blades primarily comes from it’s unusual looks and it’s status symbol of the elite skaters. Although, some novice skaters don’t really measure up to those standards they still employ t-blades which is another story altogether.

        Getting back to t-blades, after one session, it is not unusual to dull the edge on a 9 runner. This is why some people will not use their skates with t-blades other than to race aka Speed skate, they will use their skates with the conventional holders for regular skating sessions. Other kids will carry an additional runner, usually a brand new pair and only use their new runners for the race. After the race is over they will put their old runners back on. It’s a fairly common practice with kids that may not have a lot of money to buy runners all the time.

        While I’m very impressed with the hard steel on a Cobra, I don’t really care for it because I’m so used to the smooth flow of the Lightspeed 2’s. I’ll take a softer steel and put up with the sharpening to keep the smoother skating abilities. However, were I a hockey player skating on the crappy ice conditions they’ve got here, I’d go with the Cobras over t-blades any day. It probably has a lot to do with the design for the Cobra holder vs the Lightspeed.

        The advantages t-blades have over conventional holders is based in practicality. First off, you don’t have to worry about some doofus that has no idea what he’s doing sharpening your skates, messing it up. If you’ve ever had this happen, you know how screwed up it can be as soon as you step on the ice. I had one person sharpen my skates and when I got on the ice, I couldn’t even stand up he had screwed up so bad on the sharpening. This will never happen with a t-blade runner, unless it’s a manufacturer defect.

        On t-blades you can not only change the hollow but the size of rocker from long to medium to short. To have this done with a conventional runner would require a very skilled sharpener and changing a rocker size back to how you had it originally would be a pain for a less experienced sharpener. More than likely it won’t feel right after you’ve changed it back and forth. Most conventional runners I know of don’t even come in the S size rocker, they’re primarily an M or L.

        With a t-blade, you unscrew the old runner and pop in the new one and away you go. With conventionals, most people have to wait a couple days to get their skates sharpened unless you’re friends with the staff and can get it sharpened that instant. These are a few pros and cons that I can think of off the top of my head. As with anything it’s a complex thing, excluding the issues with the skating boot itself, t-blades pretty much comes down to personal preference.

  3. Paul says:

    I like Marks views on the t-blades, very in depth and really gives a good explanation about pros and cons of all types of blade options available too!!

    As i’ve said previously i love the t-blades primarily due to looks but since owning them i would say the light weight as it feels like your not even wearing skates and also the agility. Maybe i’ve just improved since owning them but it feels good to feel like your not even wearing skates particularly for jumps!

  4. RJ says:

    I personally have t-blades, and i love them. They grip harder for me especially using the s-9’s. although they are very noisy, its no problem. im also a heavy guy 250 pounds, T-blades do wonders for me =). Like jedifarce has stated, it all comes down to personal preference.

  5. Bobby says:

    OK ive had personal experience with T blades in Xtreme ice skating and they just arent durable enough. Sure they were great skates for the very light end of but once you start doing the harder stuff like dimestops and so on they just arent good enough. I broke a new pair after a few months when i started doing dimestops and in all honesty i coulda really hurt myself. I suppose ultimatly its your choice but if your gonna use em id wear safety gear and maybe watch the blades for cracks or damage more often thna you would on a pair of conventional blades.

  6. becky stephenson says:

    i don’t like t-blades there well noisy they don’t sound good at all it sounds like there going to break

  7. Paul says:

    the sound is my 2nd favourite part (after the looks), just another plus point to helping xtreme ice skaters get noticed haha!

  8. Jedifarce says:

    Any holder or runner regardless of brand will break if abused.

    • TBlader says:

      Yeah , exactly what I was thinking .. i’m pretty sure that T-blades were not invented to do HIGH JUMPS ..

      Your sentence just defeated all there objectives 😀

      It will break if abused :I

  9. Paul says:

    If they weren’t safe for hockey/general use todays health and safety crackpots would clamp down on them in no time! Theyve been around a while now so i would say they’ve had enough time to be tried and tested by the general public!

    • Jedifarce says:

      Not to mention the fact a lot of people in our videos use t-blades. Sooo it’s sort of difficult to argue with the visual proof.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        You guys don’t jump very much. Consistent hard an high jumps beat the crap out of any skate. Figure skaters have the same exact problem, which is why figure skates are made very tough, and the blades are much thicker than hockey blades – – and much stronger at that too.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      The health and safety crackpots don’t even know we exist and that Xtreme Ice Skaters are beatin’ the ever living daylights out of their blades. I’ve cracked perforated blades 3 times now. That’s the last time I buy perforated blades.

  10. ivan says:

    Maybe Cobra holder can hold up longer than regular holder? My LS2 doesnt seem to hold up well againts jumps..

  11. nathan says:

    I personally dont like t blades because as earlier stated by others they just arent durable enough. On the otherhand i have many friends who use them, except they dont do any aerial tricks or jumps. They are what i call footwork skaters, they do lots of combinations of technical footwork linked in succession. They seem perfect for this task as they flex quite a lot and are lightweight. T blades make the skaters footwork very smooth and fluent so they flow well into each other. The footwork skaters who use conventional skates cant seem to get the same level of fluid like technique when linking technical footwork in a chain. So my conclusion to the question is like said earlier its down to preference but also down to what kind of skater you aspire to be, if you have an interest in nothing but speed skating and technical fast footwork then t blades could be the way to go.If however like me you aspire to learn and master all areas of skating or just like jumps and ‘thrill factor’ tricks then a conventional skate with a strong blade like a cobra blade(which also holds an edge really well) is the best option. Grafs are always a good choice if you can put up with the quite heavy weight of them. I skate on nike vapor 22s which i find suit the task of all round skating quite well and arent as heavy as the grafs,but also dont have as much durability.

  12. Trevor says:

    I just found this topic looking for information on sharpening t’blades. I use t’blades, and have been for about 5-7 years now. I’m not sure exactly what extreme ice skating is, but I’m able to do this on my t’blades consistently over the past couple of years with no equipment problems:

    Again, no problem with equipment issues.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Trevor, thanks for posting. I have watched your videos and noticed that you are not doing any tricks that would cause harm to T’Blades. It’s is the “Dime Stop” and Xtreme Ice Skating jumps that will harm t-blades.

      For more info on Xtreme Ice Skating, please visit:

  13. Anonymous says:

    what about mission steels in their pitch 3 holder? i hear its pretty good steel

  14. Paul says:

    Trevors videos clearly show him jumping…one minute you all say t-blades cant stand jumps the next its just the dime stop!

    Whatever you all eventually agree in writing there is nothing more proving that actually skating on them….I’ve had t-blades for maybe even a couple of years now and I’ve never had a problem with them….the runners stay sharp for ages and ages! I do agressive stops like dime stops, eagle stops, one footed stop etc everytime I skate and I’ve never cracked them. More to the point I perform jumps everytime I skate…360s, 180s, fakie 180s and 360s too and again…never a problem for me!! I’ve also gradually worn through a few sets of runners so its not even like I got lucky with one set….and if you want back up on the fact that I perform these moves on t-blades just ask Nathan as he skates with me sometimes!

    I also think that since t-blades were invented for hockey use they should be extremely strong and durable???

    By the way this wasn’t a rant just declaring what can be done on t-blades haha!

  15. Dave Henniker says:

    I fitted them to a pair of Nike recreational boots and I love them. I used nuts and bolts – details on the web site – click the skates on the home page.

  16. steven says:

    i have a pair of ccm vector 120 with t-blades and a set of bauer vapour xo5 and a prefer the steel blade as a feel i am able to flow from one skill to the other effortlessly. when i use t=blades the seem to give me alot of trouble by increasing the resistance when am changing positions.

  17. Anonymous says:

    they r sick

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