Doing the “Drunken Sailor” on ice. Called in polish “różyczka”

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Tricks, Videos

This video is really cool because it’s like watching a movie. It’s a movie about the natural progression of learning a new trick, namely the “Drunken’ Sailor”.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!


  2. RJ says:

    That heel toe stop thingie looks awesome, can u make a tutorial……that would be nice

  3. Paul says:

    cool video, music suits it well! The heel toe stop looks cool too just like a regular skid stop but push outwards on each foot to raise one to the heel and one to the toe i’d imagine! I’ll give it a go on thursday!!

  4. ivan says:

    Hi Paul! I’m currently trying that trick too. haha! fallen…fallen…and somehow managed a bit.haha!

    Btw, do you find that dime stop may break the holder? Its somehow cool and amazed people, but im afraid its gonna break the holder. Im using LS2 holder.

    • Paul says:

      i was trying the heel toe stop thing last night, i perform it left foot on heel and right foot on toe. It does seem to be that you push forwards and outwards with each foot and it just does it haha!! the hardest part is the right foot on the toe as it tends to drag backwards! just keep trying ivan you’ll manage it in time!

      in regards to the holders i dont really know anything technical about skates, i used t-blades and have a M11 edge on the runners i use. I’ve never damaged them in any way and my first set of runners only started to be too blunt after about a year haha!! I can perform dime stops with these blades consistently however i struggle to spray the ice high it always tends to be very low.

      • ivan says:

        hmm..yeah you right..TT its hard to give the same pressure on the toe. its like losing power. well, still trying though.

  5. ivan says:

    if you look at the video, that guy doin it based on direction he faces. so if you kinda turning left, left heel and right toe, vice versa. and what i did is, turning left, heel on right and toe on the left. great…no wonder its soo difficult…TT my bad..

  6. Paul says:

    haha nice ivan, just keep trying! Although you doing it the opposite way isnt necessarily whats making it hard! You should turn the way you feel most comfortable when first learning a new trick that involves a turn. Personally i always turn to my left but as said its personal preference! If you know anything about skateboarding you can relate it to the stances in skateboarding… someone with a ‘regular stance’ will generally find turning left easier like myself and someone with ‘goofy stance’ will find turning right easier.

  7. Paul says:

    I just watched it again and realised that i had my legs the wrong way around when i’ve been doing it haha!

    I was turning left and having my right foot on toe and left foot on heel when it should be turn left and have right foot on heel and left foot on toe sort of twisted!! Looks like i’ll have to try again with this one haha

  8. ivan says:

    yeah but thats an easier version, ^^ my friend already thought me that. well, still WOW factor hahaha! i love this sport!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      The idea is of the Drunken’ Sailor is to look DRUNK! I found that if you spin really quick, it has a good wow-factor, but you should mix this up with the “slower, more drunk swaggering” to make the trick really look “drunk”.

  9. Paul says:

    haha is it just me or is this topic becoming confusing! Its like were all attempting to describe different tricks haha!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Maybe. The Drunken’ Sailor has certain technical steps. Once those steps are completed, than some personality can be put into it. But hands down, the Drunken’ Sailor is supposed to have a drunk swagger to it, at least at some point.

  10. ivan says:

    hik! im drunk right now…olalaa…

    btw, i dunno why, but, my friend said that, i attract the most attentions from people when doin this trick.. ( Dan, you are a real magician ^^)

  11. Paul says:

    i thought we were talking about the skid stop the guy does in his video at one point!! oh well! haha!

    drunken sailor is a well gud move although i really want to learn to mix it up a bit and blend some other tricks in to make it a bit like dancing like some skaters do.

  12. ivan says:

    hmm i think learning one footed transition might be good. if you notice it in Hawaii skaters video. His nick name is JJ, and i got a lot of footwork and spins, transition, from him. check it out ^^ its not everyone can do with such smoothness.

  13. Paul says:

    haha nice one dan! I’ve watched a few of JJs videos, he is a good skater although couldnt find any drunken sailor type moves although i’m sure he could do it from the moves he does! He also does inline from some of the videos i saw…hes very good at that too but it figures since its still skating!!

    I’m trying to get myself a pair of inlines just to get myself some extra practice in when i cant get to the rink and also to build my fitness by doing it more regularly! is it true that its quite different from ice skating? i’m sure the stops would be significantly harder but would everything else be too??

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Personally, I think rollerblading is much easier than ice-skating. But rollerblading definitely helps your ice-skating skills. The two sports are very similar. In rollerblading though, there are extreme limits to what you can do compared to the ice. And in regards to stops; I just simply don’t know. I wouldn’t dare stop in rollerblades unless I wanted to fall on my face 😦

    • Jedifarce says:

      You won’t find a lot of Hawaiian skaters doing the “drunken sailor” on video mostly because it’s something that noobs do. Especially when it comes to JJ, it’s too easy for him.

      Also because it’s something everybody puts on their youtube page, they’ll have 9 videos and every video is focused on the drunken sailor. I’d rather not contribute. Putting footage like that up isn’t going to make Hawaii’s skaters stand out from the rest of the world.

  14. ivan says:

    yeah that’s right. its too easy for JJ. ^^ in footwork matters, so far i think he’s the best. especially that spin with heels. that was sooo damn cool! a lot of skaters will surely learn a lot from him.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      That’s right. We can all learn from each other. Personally, I think Nathan (chairman of our Board) is a much better skater than all of the Hawaiian skaters. In regards to JJ’s footwork, he doesn’t do much and I don’t think he’s that good at all. I’m not trying to put the guy down. I’m just voicing my humble opinion 🙂

      • Jedifarce says:

        Dan, check your meds, you may have missed taking a few today.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        Well I am definitely tired, and my left knee hurts for sure, but I am definitely not delusional. I am surprised YOU personally haven’t challenged me to a skate match yet. Are you sure those 40 something yr old legs can keep up with this 27 yr old power house? hmmm?? 🙂

      • Jedifarce says:

        I don’t challenge those whoms skills I consider beneath my own. What would be the point? If I wanted to see who skated the ugliest then I suppose a contest would be in order, fortunately you’re in a league all your own.

        However, if you’re so eager for a challenge come to Hawaii.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        I’m not going to Hawaii. I can’t afford to, but I can afford to make a video, and I think you can too. If you think you’re a better skater, than why don’t you display your best skills in your next video? If fact, do your hardest trick and I will emulate your trick. Don’t tell me you’re going to wimp out o this one and say, “you have to come to Hawaii” are you? You know you don’t have what it takes to be Xtreme. Just admit it and put forth your best trick and I will match it.

  15. ivan says:

    Dan, i wonder if nathan making any videos. you got the link?

    umm, JJ doesnt really put a complete footwork on the videos. but its kinda a short movements. But i think he just playing at that time. I dont know but, using less power to make smoother moves? Maybe that’s what they siad about being soul skaters. just playing around. Skating meant to fun too ^^

    • JJ says:

      is this good or you want more?

      • Paul says:

        nice ‘dancing’!! i love that kind of skating around! its simple but can be sooo varied and you can put your own little tricks into it like the bit when you stood on just your tip toes!

        some of the moves you were doing is it basically drunken sailor but without spinning in a circle?? you do it at 0:15s for a few seconds.

      • ivan says:

        thx ^^ nice video. JJ’s heel trick is awesome too! Still, JJ n Skye ^^ Im showing your videos to skaters here. They like it a lot! So much we can learn from hawaiian skaters.
        Happy skating ^^

      • Dan Perceval says:

        You didn’t do anything but move around and stare at your feet. I want more. I want jumps, hard turns, slides, tricks, and footwork that covers the ENTIRE ice. All I see here is slalom skating, that in my opinion, is unattractive and jaded.

        By the way, I wanted to mention this: please do not curse on my blog. Thanks.

      • Jedifarce says:

        Oh please Dan, we’ve got a ton of video up on youtube with JJ doing everything you’re demanding. Fact of the matter is he’s better than you at almost everything.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        You have all of this video of JJ doing my moves? I would like to see. The only thing I saw him do is a crummy One Footed Stop, and an attempt at a Fakie 540 (which I give him credit for).. and that’s about it.

        Can you show me this video of him doing an Air Flow? or a Flare Jump? maybe a FrontSide 360? Or Eclipse (Skye can actually do this).

  16. Dan Perceval says:

    Nathan has made two videos I believe. I am not going to post the link to his video because of the circumstance which this back-and-forth gesturing started. Another words, I do not want to start a war, I just wanted to simply state my opinion. But I am sure Nathan will render more videos when he has the opportunity.

    Using less power to make smoother moves is what the Hawaiian skaters seem to favor. They are free-stylers or what they call themselves “soul skaters”.

    Xtreme Ice Skating is a sport that can never crave enough power. Being smooth is not part of the culture of Xtreme Ice Skating. Leave smoothness to figure skaters and freestylers :}

  17. Anonymous says:
  18. JJ says:

    oh sry EDIT LAST POST you just have speed, no style.

  19. Paul says:

    having a mix of smooth style or hardcore aggressiveness would give a good variety to the sport though, and as has previously been mentioned its all about personal variation and creating your own style where anything goes!!

    If under competition circumstances someone were to perform massive crazy jumps and then smooth refined footwork i’m sure it would show more of what the skater is capable of to the judges than sticking to one extreme whether it be smooth or powerful! or at least i think so anyway haha!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Paul. There are rules to the sport Paul, and the sport can not be “anything goes” because the sport is business and must follow a specific brand. Xtreme Ice Skating CAN NOT be influenced by Freestyle whatsoever. You guys are voting on rules on the sport which will be enacted based on majority rule (which you guys seem to have with arm positioning). This is all fine and great that you are participating!

      Freestyle movement will be free from the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating though.

      • Jedifarce says:

        Oh please, you can afford to travel all over Europe but not to one of the 50 States? Perhaps if you stopped wasting your time with the silly dream of garnering membership in your organization – is it still 4 members after 3-years? – and got a real job then maybe you could afford it? Why not give an exhibition here if you’re so great? What have you got to lose?

        The reason you will never come to Hawaii is simple, you will be embarrassed. It’s easy to go back and forth issuing challenges over the internet, but to acutally come to Hawaii and back up that cheap talk would take something you lack utterly – courage and will. Come on Founder, let’s see what you’ve got.

        I’ve got nothing to prove Dan, I’m not going around claiming to be a founder and an authority on ice skating. As for technique and not tricks, alll of which you’re pretty awful at I must say by any stretch of the imagination, if you can show me the ina bauer entering on a curve holding it, the spread eagle and the hydroblade then I’ll admit you’re the better skater.

        If you can’t do any of these things in hockey skates you’re hardly worth my time. I’d ask you to demonstrate aggressive backward skating but I’d end up having a seizure laughing my butt off.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        You can easily post a video on the internet as you have in the past. If you do not accept the challenge, than you have wimped out. As the political Schwarzenegger would say, “you’re the girly man”. Either post a video or just accept that jealousy is at the tail of every cop-out, such as your proposal to go to Hawaii. Please don’t tell me you’re a girl man? 🙂

      • Jedifarce says:

        You issued the challenged and I laid out the parameters Dan. Either accept it or not.

        Ina bauer

        Spread eagle


      • Dan Perceval says:

        Oh Mike boy, what shall the world ever do with you?? You challenged me to do FIGURE SKATING tricks. I could understand if you wanted me to do your freestyle “hip-hop horay, jump around and stare at my feet” sort of skating like JJ, but nooo, you want me to do FIGURE SKATING. Are you going to make me dress in a pink tutu and wear purple sequins to perform your figure skating tricks as well? You’re a piece of work dude. Gotta laugh. You KNOW I’m not flexible enough. You spend a lot of time reading my youtube comments. You probably said to yourself: “why not? give Dan something no amount of skill could ever achieve”. You’re a funny guy. Gotta hand it to ya.

    • Paul says:

      i’ve seen one of your inline videos JJ, looks good! I saw some others too but didnt get chance to have a look at them at the time because my internet was being annoying haha!

      I’m looking at getting into inline skating too and i used to skateboard. I also play guitar and sing. I’m quite into cars as well and i’m looking to do some sort of mechanics course so i do quite a few others things too. Its whatever you enjoy i guess!

  20. ivan says:

    thx JJ!

    • JJ says:

      does everybody on this fourm thing have vids of them skating?? i wanna watch! if u guys wanna know what i mix my foundation with, try look at on youtube, breakers anger pro. does guys are on my top list.

  21. ivan says:

    i always want to make a video about jakarta’s skaters. but, the rink management dont allowed us to bring any video cam. T.T that’s the problem.

  22. Anonymous says:

    You do know the drunken sailor isn’t anything hard or new, right? It’s something that gets put in the footwork of basic skills kids once they learn how to do a mohawk in figure skating.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      I’ve never saw a figure skater do the Drunken’ Sailor before (at least on their own accord), nor have I ever seen it being taught. I know the sport of figure skating very well and figure skating coaches are insanely strict about what they teach and the Drunken’ Sailor is not in the basic skills class, nor is it ever taught in figure skating altogether. Figure Skaters refuse to do any sport but their own (I guess this is just part of the culture of the sport). I’ve gotten figure skaters to do the Drunken’ Sailor before, but I had to practically beg them to do it and chase them down the ice lol. Your comment is untrue. 🙂

      The Drunken’ Sailor is NOT a series of Mohawks. A lot of figure skaters make this mistake (which is perfectly fine).

  23. ivan says:

    hmm, but the basic for drunken is mohawk. and its reversed. here, only one figure skater that love this moves. but to be sad, he had to leave because he loves to play with us freestyle skaters. again rink management. but now he live in ausie. he can even do jumps and any figure tricks with hockey skates. awesome!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      You could argue that the basis for the Drunken Sailor could be based on the technique of the mohawk and is a viable argument, but in context, the mohawk is not taught in Xtreme Ice Skating and the Drunken Sailor is not taught in figure skating. Xtreme Ice Skaters learn the Drunken’ Sailor based on the “Drunken’ Sailor Movement”. The marketing message must always be specific and aligned exactly with the Xtreme Ice Skating BRAND. Any message that blurs or confuses my Xtreme Ice Skating brand, I will debate to the utter end about.

  24. ivan says:

    i think, people( even me) seeing it that way because all we know first is figure skating. well, n the way to do it, would be easier if we learn mohawk first. so just a shortcut. then begin using the heel. Still mohawk is one of helping method for me to teach drunken sailor to some new skaters here. ^^

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Ivan, I disagree and do not see the Drunken’ Sailor or anything in ice-skating as figure skating first. Figure skating is another sport and a competitor of ours. You own a piece of Xtreme Ice Skating since you are a Member of the board of Directors. I just wanted to get you thinking in this way. We must always approach Xtreme Ice Skating with business first, than ice-skating. That is how we will get the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating to take off. Competition must be kept in its’ own corner. Period. 🙂

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