Xtreme Ice Skating – Board of Directors

Posted: July 1, 2009 in business, Xtreme Ice Skating

It seems like we’re all done debating, so lets move on and start making our sport better. Become a Member of the Board and help shape ideas, new tricks, rules, and and anything else that empowers you.


Board Members:
Ivan, from Indonesia. – 7/1/09
Loop, from France – 7/1/09
Paul, from England – 7/2/09
Becky, from England – 7/2/09
Max, from England – 7/2/09

Start here:
Sign-up to become a Board Member (it is free).
Board Members are participants of the sport helping to make our sport better.

To become a Board Member, please click here. There is no charge.


How do Board Members meet and make decisions?
1. Once a week, a Board topic is posted on this blog.
2. Board Members get to discuss the topic. Suggestions are made.
3. Board “Minutes” (a collaboration of everything that has been discussed — including WHO and WHAT), is posted in a pdf document.
4. To get the Board “Minutes”, they will be emailed to you (the email you provided at sign-up).


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