Youtube Xtreme Ice Skating

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Xtreme Ice Skating

  1. Dan Perceval says:

    Do not fall on that ice or you will get soaked!

  2. Paul says:

    great video love the jumps…to be honest i like the 360 more though as the 720 had a lot of rotation before the take off and on the landing…although it was still a 720 and well done for landing it…i’m just a perfectionist!!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Paul, actually the second jump was a Fakie 540 with a little bit extra rotation. And the take-off was done in a different way than what I teach (it’s like a cheated take-off because the take-off is almost backwards rather than sideways). The first jump was a Forward 360 (the take-off was slight turn, so not a FrontSide 360).

  3. Paul says:

    ah right! i love the way jumps in skating can be done in so many ways to make them slightly different its what makes the sport individual!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Right. If a lot of Xtreme Ice Skaters start jumping like this with the take-off for the Fakie in a “reverse crescent” turn, than we have to discuss this jump in a Board Meeting and decide rules for it and make up a name for it as well.

  4. Paul says:

    sounds like a plan! i think a lot of skaters actually find this way easier to perform altho personally i dont, i find the spin becomes a tad out of control due to the extra forces involved provided by the turn!!

  5. ivan says:

    at last! after weeks of internet disconnection and a lot of exams, i can finally online again!!

    btw, Dan, im still a bit confused about getting the rotation from hips in jumps. I ask some figure skaters..and they said about it too.. Do we also can have more torque by using arms?

    Oh, i’ve downloaded some of your jump videos from the site..its all very COOL! I did air flow 360 yesterday, but at the and i landed on my knee (oh Dear..) SO many jump tricks that you hv…also eagle air..etc.. My friends just keeps calling me Deadman because i always jump…failed..jump again..till im exhausted and can’t endure the pain, in every session..

    • Dan Perceval says:

      I am surprised your rink lets you do all those jumps. I am blessed that my rink lets me skate however I want, but I am just saying. Make sure you wear knee pads when doing the Air Flow. The Air Flow was the only jump that I had problems with knees.

      Use more torque by pulling arms into your chest or abdomen. Create rotation with hips by torquing hips on take-off. You can also pull your hips over in the air. You re-center your hips in the air. It’s hard to explain, but it gives you more spin.

      • ivan says:

        well, the rink open at 8.00 AM..i went there at 9 AM. LOL! So i can do any jumps since there were only 5 skaters at that morning. The staff won’t allow me to jump if the rink is crowded..But sadly, figure skaters always free to jump… However, the only problem is, figure skaters hv more freedom than freestyle or extreme ice skaters..If by accident one of public skater fall down because of em, the rink’s staff just keep quite.. And its very opposite to us…We always apologize…but these figure skaters just wont…huff…

        • Dan Perceval says:

          Same for myself; I skate in the morning between 10-11 am. There are usually no more than 6 people on the ice and they are all figure skaters. For the weekends, I skate Saturday night and there usually aren’t that many people on a Saturday night. But management at my rink are very nice. They are young males who are hockey coaches – one of them even surfs, so we have something in common (I bodyboard). But we show signs of respect and I never had a problem with them, even during busy public sessions, they’ve never accused me of anything.

          If a figure skater won’t apologize for knocking someone over, it’s just because the figure skater is not a nice person – – not sure if it would have anything to do with the fact that they’re a figure skater. I know a lot of figure skaters who are really nice people, and also a lot who are not so nice.

  6. ivan says:

    well not all of em like that..but, the majority is like that…and even most of them hate hockey skaters.. But its easier to make friends with younger skater hohohoho..
    Oh, i did a dime stop today…the sound…sooo loud! LOL! yet very cool!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      If you’re making a loud sound on your Dime Stops, than you’re doing them correctly. Congrats.

      This whole thing with the figure skaters hating the hockey skaters is all ego play and nonsense. The hockey players do it to the figure skaters as well. Sometimes you’ll have to hold your words in these situations. But trust me, figure skaters will be on our sides if our sport takes off. They will love us. Our sport will promote their sport indirectly, and their sport will make more money because of an increase in participation.

  7. ivan says:

    Thx ^^ and there was a quite deep mark on the ice when i checked it… hopefully the staff won’t angry about it..

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