Board vote ends this Friday, 7/19/2009

Posted: July 14, 2009 in Xtreme Ice Skating

If you have not voted yet, please do so by this Friday. Also, there will be two topics of discussion for the next Board meeting (this Saturday). We plan to have Xtreme Ice Skaters testing by early next year and we need to gain more distance in the sport.

This weekend I’ll type the Minutes to the Board Meeting and email them to everyone. Also, I’ll be discussing these Board Minutes with my business advisers (in the near future) so we can have professional insight to our decisions. So be sure to download your copy of the Minutes. They will be in PDF format and emailed directly to you.

The next board meeting will be about the rules for arm positioning on Beginner tricks. Also, we’ll move ahead with the Intermediary level testing and formulating rules for those as well. We need to get through all of the testing levels (Beginner thru Intermediary level 4).

We can even start discussing “rules of engagement while on the ice”. This is directly related to both public sessions and “Xtreme Ice Skating sessions” if the rink allows such to transpire; of course based on market demand. And these rules of engagement will lead to questions such as:

1. How should one skate at a busy public session?
2. What kind of courtesy do we extend to others on the ice during public session? Do we help others’ when they fall? Do we talk to interested parents and always give then a smile? (the ice rink needs to know we are the good guys out there because we have a bias against us already).
3. How does one handle a situation where a parent or patron of the rink is harassing you or screaming at you?
4. What do you do if a figure skating parent or group of parents get together and complain to management about you just to get you kicked off the ice (believe me, this has happened too many times before. There are some Figure skating parents that will purposely make lies just to get you out of their rink). Hockey moms and dads, I have yet to have a problem with. In fact, their reaction is almost always very positive.

Start thinking 🙂


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