Hawaii Ice Palace skaters create false documentary of Dan Perceval.

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Dan Perceval, Sport, Videos, Xtreme Ice Skating

The Hawaiian Ice Palace skaters are a group of recreational skaters who live in Hawaii who seem to think their skills are above everyone else’s. And if their awkward display of figure skating and beginner hockey skills wasn’t enough for you to swallow, their charades and shenanigans continues on their entire line of youtube videos about Dan Perceval. It seems as though they have started a zealous documentary attacking Dan Perceval, but are really covering up for their own lack of skill. But an attack on Dan Perceval is an attack on Xtreme Ice Skaters every where. We are the heart and passion of our amazing sport. It’s about time we put these semi-beginner skaters into their own corner of the ice. I ask that you post your own Xtreme Ice Skating videos on this blog by hitting reply to this topic. Lets show these Hawaiian skaters that their skills aren’t anything out of the ordinary, especially when matched up to your own, and supporting Xtreme Ice Skaters everywhere.

Oh, and here’s their special line of hate videos on Dan Perceval (seems more like an ego-obsessed documentary to me):



  1. JJ says:

    lol…..you guys are funny. the only person we ever so call “attack” is dan, and it started by my friend mike. he came to me one day and said. look. theres this guy claiming to be the founder of extreme ice skating. so i was like. whats that? so he showed me sum vids and its the same stuff we did here 7 years ago. (past generation skaters). we are so much above his skill level. and he starts telling us what we do is wrong.

    yes c’mon ppl. show us your vids. we wont hate on them.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      I would just like to remind you that cursing is prohibited on this blog. While you have not cursed on this post and I appreciate that, you have in past posts and your IP address was banned. I would appreciate it if you would continue with your commitment to omitting curse words, hate speech, and etc..

    • Dan Perceval says:

      If you attacked the founder of a sport, you also attack the sport’s participants. The way you guys skated 7 years ago was just MOVEMENT (assuming that you guys DID skate Xtreme although based on your videos, I highly doubt that. You guys are just figure skaters in hockey skates. And the way you guys skate now is just MOVEMENT. The way figure skaters skate is a SPORT. The way speed skaters skate is a SPORT. Even the way I skated myself before I started this sport was just MOVEMENT.

      A type of skating doesn’t have to be in the Olympics for it to be considered a sport. Just look at skateboarding, as it is considered a sport. But what you have forgotten or refuse to succumb to is the notion that a sport is highly organized, and there’s business behind it. For instance: in baseball (hardball), you can’t just decide to throw an underhand pitch because you feel like it. Imagine you were watching a game on tv and all of a sudden you saw that. It would be ludicrous :O

      I never said what you guys do is wrong. All I said was, is that if you guys want to prance around doing figure skating tricks in hockey skates, than go ahead ๐Ÿ˜‰ But if you consider yourself an Xtreme Ice Skater (which I highly doubt), than there are guidelines, methods of teaching, and rules of engagement on the ice to be followed. And these guidelines and rules are constructed by both myself as the founder and by Board Members. Board members literally own a piece of the sport because they help shape and make guidelines, rules, and regulations of the sport. I hope you are following our Board Meetings. You might learn something from these guys.

    • Jedifarce says:

      However, I can’t promise people here won’t laugh at them like they do to Dan’s videos. ;]

  2. Jedifarce says:

    An attack on Dan Perceval is an attack on Dan Perceval. If your little acolytes want to take up your faltering banner, go for it.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      An attack on Tony Hawk is an attack on skateboarding. An attack on Tiger Woods is an attack on golf. In either respect, there’s a lack of respect for both sports and for both athletes. And in general use, there’s a lack of respect period.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      For Manu: you complain about lack of versatility, but in your own skating, you’re always stuck in a spread eagle position. You’re not walkin’ the walk buddy.

      By the way, safety gear including a helmet, promotes safety. Not sure why you don’t understand this, but now you do.

  3. manu says:

    Yo dan the fact that you guys have board members is great i dont know what direction you are trying to take this but maybe if you were to see more videos then you could see all of the skill that we have.Your tricks that you do were done many years ago when i first learned to skate ,yes we need to show more diffrent tricks on our videos but it is a little hard the tricks we do are not allowed to be seen by some of the manegers at palace.Like my self i have not seen all of your tricks so i must say sorry for saying that i have not seen you ride the wall when i saw the video after the interveiw.What you guys are doing is good but there is no wrong way to pass on the skill & gift you have learned but there is such a thing as passing on bad teachings to new people.Safty is good but we learned with out safety equipment as it is not done during public skate hours.Atleast you know there are skaters a couple thousand miles in the middle of pacific that learned the skills we have with out outside influence & we both will keep claiming to be better then the other friendly compition is good & thats all this is no harm intendid until we can prove in a single compition who is the best we would never know god willing someone will dethrone me one day until then nothing given only earned.And by the way we are not figure skaters in hockey skates we are skaters doing anything thought impossiable on the ice. Manu .ps keep up the good work the Extrem skating org.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      The direction I am trying to take Xtreme Ice Skating is simple: take the sport into mainstream, hopefully make enough money off of it so I can buy a house and retire, and pray that there’s enough money so the sport itself can support cancer research projects for children, and maybe after-school programs for kids who need extra help with their studies.

      In regards to how I teach, I can only teach what I know and how I have learned myself. I understand the ice and how the body works on the ice. I’ve also studied the martial arts under my father for many years (very few people actually know about this). My father used to teach explosive movements in Tai Kwon Do – Moo Duk Kwan (the old style trained in Korea). And I think this has affected how I skate. I’m a powerful ravage skater and I have no fear of getting hurt. As you say in your video “you just try to stick the landings” – that is because I just want to fly and spin as much as possible in the air. The more fear I have, the more fun I have. But realistically, there has to be a METHOD and technicality to Xtreme Ice Skating jumps since this is a sport. Therefore, I grab as much free advice from figure skaters and figure skating coaches as possible.

      As you can see, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that everyone is not aware of. I suppose that’s why Skye said, “What hard work? you should have fun while you’re skating”. If Skye was to go through just the business end of this sport, I think he would feel more burnt out than he would spending full-time in college.

      But anyway, thank you for your understanding. Perhaps you can knock some sense into Jedifarce. Fore some reason, he hates my guts even though he knows I’ve worked my tail off to create this sport.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Manu, one last thing: I DID use to do foot plants off of the wall. In fact, I used to do a foot plant into 540 which looked like a flare jump going off the wall. But the rinks here would not allow that, and that is also why it is not included in the sport.

  4. Paul says:

    I’m yet to watch the above videos but there is always controversy surrounding a sport. However personal attacks just aren’t necessary, if xtreme ice skating was as big as skateboarding or BMXing or any sport for that matter personal attacks on a skater would be highly frowned upon and would cause great media coverage!

    I still maintain my opinion that with skating as with any sport its all about bringing your own style and flair to the sport. If everyone was identical competitions would be pointless. You never see two identical routines in figure skating so xtreme skating must be seen the same. For that reason i can’t really justify any attacks on Dans skating style as its HIS style. The way tricks are performed is different to the style that the skater applies!

    A trick can still be performed in the correct way but made personal or at least i believe so as this is exactly how other sports are and i believe xtreme skating should be just like any other sport!

  5. Paul says:

    I’ve just watched the video now…finally!! I have to say manu seems to have put some very reasonable comments on this post portraying himself as a decent guy with respect for what people do…more specifically what Dan is trying to achieve! However the video of him shown above is just pathetic…why would you want yourself to be seen that way manu? The only people your impressing are other narrow minded people that (from there comments) you seem to skate with. I have no disrespect for anyones ability that i’ve seen on youtube or on here etc and I dont intend this to be a personal attack but come on surely you have better things to do than film videos of each other insulting someone you’ve never met!

    I for one hope this whole rift between Dan and the hawaii skaters goes away quickly as its giving a bad impression to the sport for new skaters potentially searching youtube and finding videos like this! People should be allowed to make their own opinion and have their own view…not have one in their face everytime they search youtube for xtreme ice skating!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Thanks for the comment Paul. There seems to be a huge disconnect between Manu’s video and his comment. Manu’s video portrays him as devious whereas his comment portrays him as dignified and respectful.

      If you look at the reaction of the staff in his video, you can immediately pick up on the fact that the staff’s reaction was provoked. The reaction was as if the staff wanted to fit in with the crowd.

    • Jedifarce says:

      Paul, nobody is forcing anybody to watch our videos. Myself and others have a fundamental disagreement with Dan and how he portrays himself. That fact that I express those opinions via a youtube video is how it is in a free society.

  6. Paul says:

    If its a free society then why is there a problem with how Dan portrays himself, surely the definition of a free society is that Dan can do what he likes!

    Also you’ll note i never mentioned the word ‘forced’ when i said skaters would see these videos. Although if your looking for xtreme ice skating its almost inevitable that skaters will see these videos. I just think they portray the sport in a bad image as there are a number of videos now of you guys unneccesarily bad-mouthing Dan.

    You are entitled to do as you wish but come on try doing something more useful with your time!

    • Jedifarce says:

      Has anybody stated Dan is not free to do as he wishes? Dan is free to do as he chooses, as are we.

      As for questioning the necessity and inevitability of these line of videos as you put it, I find it very useful as will others that happen upon them. In a healthy society, debate as well as conflict is necessary to ensure whether a philosophy such as Dan’s can stand on its own merits.

      • Dan Perceval says:

        Are you trying to suggest the notion that YOUR videos, the videos which wreak of putrid, hate, and intolerance for others serve as a source of information? Are you George W. Bush or something? Nothing you say is creditable.

        If you want credibility, why don’t you conduct yourself as a dignified adult with proper manners. And instead of insulting someone or something, why not provide reasons for disagreement based on some kind of formative decision.

        The world is much bigger than you Jedifarce. We all FIT into this world. We’re not the center of it. And if there is anything to be at the center, it’s compassion.

        • Jedifarce says:

          My videos are always informative, that you find my videos are not to your liking and question my every motive is hardly a fault on my part. If you ask me, that in itself is intolerant.

          I’m not all interested in amassing credibility, you either take my videos at face value or you don’t. Again, the fact you don’t agree with Manu’s assessment of your skating abilities is not insulting in the least but mere analytical observation.

          I’m not really keen on the ‘we are the world’ spiel.

        • Dan Perceval says:

          I’m not questioning your motive. All I am saying is that your videos spew hatred. And secondly, there’s no need for name-calling. That’s childish. Change your deviant behavior of video-making about me or stop making videos that attacks my character – – which amounts to defamation of character, an act that is illegal.

        • Jedifarce says:

          If you feel it’s illegal, press charges. My lawyer will have a field day with you.

          Otherwise accept the constructive criticism as it is intended.

    • JJ says:

      you mean like going down hills at 60+ mph on skateboards? or breaking 100 mph on jdm built mopeds? or stunting, bmx, inline, bboying, paintball, airsoft, MMA, drifting, off roading, FMX, MX anything else you want me to mention i do with my time?

      • Paul says:

        sounds quite good JJ, I have several hobbies myself however you seem to be quite the extreme sports fan haha! The skateboarding sounds mental!

        Anyway in regards to the video, I dont agree that its constructive criticism. I can appreciate Manu is commenting on Dans approach to moves etc but it is clearly evident from his tone of voice etc hes just taking the mick and badmouthing.

        I also dont agree on the videos being called informative. I doubt very much that new skaters would find your views on his skate style useful. As said…people can make their own opinion of Dans skating and approach.

        In regards to the following comment about Dan trying hard and you guys do it for fun…well I’m sure Dan does it for fun too he tries hard at getting the sport known…not performing it.

        I unfortunately agree also that you probably are portraying yourselves in a bad light rather than Dan as intended but…its a free country!

        Anyway on a more positive note I personally would love it if you hawaiian guys would make some more videos of the moves you can do, I cant get enough of watching skating so it would be cool!

      • Dan Perceval says:

        Agreed, Paul. I perform because I have to. Performing is a lot of hard work, especially in preparation. But if performing was an option, I would opt-out. In regards to just skating itself, I skate for fun but also because I have to train every day. I don’t like skating every morning at a fixed time when I’ve just woken up and have to go to work, but I do it anyway because it has to be done.

        • Paul says:

          I thought so…I found it hard to believe that you would put in all that effort getting the sport known and all the background work etc without just simply enjoying it haha! I think JJ was trying to make it out like you have to try to be of the standard you are where as they have “natural ability” and dont even need to try or practice to be as good as the hawaiian skaters are.

          Its simple, some people do naturally take to some sports better than others but at the end of the day if you dont do it regularly you’ll never be VERY good.

          I’ve known people get on the ice in hired skates for the first time and take to it like a duck to water and (all be it slightly sketchy) they can go forwards,backwards and sometimes even do eagle turns! whereas i wasnt that lucky when i first started, i could go forwards but that was it haha!

          Anyway, I dont view this forum regularly just to see hate comments flying everywhere it would be good to get some valuable comments on skating rather than this nonsense haha! Maybe a thread could be started for the hawaiian skaters to post a couple of new videos of there skating on here?? just a thought!

        • Dan Perceval says:

          If the Hawaiian skaters want to post their videos on my blog, all they have to do is ask and I will embed the video in a new thread.

  7. JJ says:

    but the funny thing is i like how dan trys so hard to get where hes at and we just do it for fun and dont even try, hahaha that sucks.

  8. Thomas says:

    no offense but JJ is right. were just doing it for fun and we dont even know that were getting better. in hawaii its not about competition. its about having fun. why dont you come to hawaii show us what you got ๐Ÿ™‚ i would love to watch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. nathan says:

    Ok guys the way to solve this is to agree to disagree. Im not taking sides because it will solve nothing. If you guys say dan is free to do as he wishes, why do you try getting in the way? What exactly are you gaining by such a peevish act?. Ifyou guys and dan cant get on why dont you go your seperate ways.Let dan develop extreme ice skating and you guys continue to have fun with your own stuff. I love what dan does its the same as what i do and i ‘enjoy’doing it. I also like what you guys do its very elegant and fluent. Some of my friends skate like you guys and its fun to try and learn that side of skating too. We are all skaters so why cant we all get on with ach other. Think about what i said please guys because its not me attacking anyone its just a call for a truce as i dont like all this muscle flexing there is no need and it is ruining my idea of a hobby.

  10. Paul says:

    nicely put!

  11. nathan says:

    Good hopefully we can move forward with a positive attitude from now on.

  12. dilliJoeBliss says:



  13. Paul says:

    haha thats the most amusing post yet! Random!!

  14. Dan Perceval says:

    Those of you with “inquiring minds”, my backyard ice rink is located on Long Island, N.Y., an over-populated Island. A place that is definitely not in the “sticks”, unless you’re from way out East or something.

  15. Cy says:

    I mean we all Ice Skate cause we like to, or it brings us some sort of passion being on the ice. We should not hate each other fellow skaters. It doesn’t mean we have to like each other. but if there is nothing nice to say, then dont say it. It’s pretty simple. U know, us at the Hawaii Ice rink have our way of skating and u have your way of skating. okay. U know. it’s like two kids, where it keeps going back and forth, you know. Jus drop it. I mean so what. U posting videos on youtube you have to expect people to comment on your videos, I mean its quite obvious you know. U dont have to take offence. YOU ARE THE ONE POSTING VIDEOS RIGHT?
    And so what we post videos too but we dont care what people say about it. This is a smaller reason why countries are at war, it’s cause people argue and fight, we all skate on the ice. so what evers already everyone just chill I mean it’s not like we come and skate at your rink or u skate at ours. idk. It just seems non sense things to be arguing about.

  16. Cy says:

    Every one get along. We shouldn’t be fighting and arguing. what’s the use. Would any of you people here waste you mind on arguing rather than doing something else. I mean like foreal man. sheeze

  17. Cy says:

    I Mean u have your style of Ice skating and we have our style, we just let u be however u want to be and u let us be who ever we want to be. how hard is that. U know, why got to have all this discression for. I mean I think people have better things to do then to dis Hawaii’s Ice palace skaters, right? Its childish to be doin that kind of thing yeah.

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