How to create a sport: psychology is the proof in the pudding.

Posted: July 21, 2009 in business, Dan Perceval

To create a sport, you must know psychology, literally. If you’ve ever studied human behavior, you’ll know people are both very predictable and absolutely erratic. Than try bringing money into the equation. Ohhh boy; that’s when things really get crazy and unpredictable. Why money?.. because all sports need money to survive. If you’ve ever realized how hard it is to get money from people whether selling a product or service (General Motors knows first hand when 6 months ago they were straight-up bankrupt), you’ll understand that just selling isn’t enough. And in sport, you simply can not just sell sport, you have to understand WHY people buy things. But once again, that’s not enough. You have to understand the psychology of the people who might buy your stuff (sort of like the Sham-Wow guy). Is that enough? Yep, you’ve guessed it. It just keeps going and going. And if you’re selling a NEW sport, it’s even harder. Imagine going to a ball park somewhere and getting people interested in something they know nothing about. How about getting them to stick with the sport when barely anyone else around them is involved in the sport. Now try selling a product, service or brand to these people interested in your sport. GOOD LUCK. That’s why creating a new sport is ridiculously hard. But if you were going to create a sport, here’s where you might start:


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