Pista Hielo Jaca Huesca Xtreme Ice Skating

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Tricks, Videos, Xtreme Ice Skating

  1. Paul says:

    This guys clearly a good skater, I particularly liked the controlled skid stop in the barrier…I’ve seen a guy do this at my rink but he did a t stop which was nothing short of amazing haha!

    Great skating! I quite like the individual landing on the jump 180s too its as though it could be a jump apollos turn if he lowered himself closer to the ice on landing!! Maybe a new trick for you Dan??

    • Dan Perceval says:

      People make up new tricks all of the time but it’s impossible to document everything. My focus is to take the foundational tricks, the ones on the website, and create guidelines for them and apply them to both teaching and testing. And then from there, skaters can do and create as they please. At this point, it would be impossible to micro-manage a sport.

  2. Paul says:

    cool sounds like a plan! Its good that skaters can still put their own sparkle and ideas into tricks it allows creativity! which i think i would be right in saying has caused some controversy in the past with xtreme ice skating as some skaters were under the impression that every trick in existance had to be done a certain way!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      This topic is very confusing to say the least. At first, 3-4 years ago, I thought that every trick should look and be done a certain way because the sport would sell better. And then I learned that the most important thing in selling sport is: fulfilling the needs of the customers (the primary target market). So 2 years ago, in 2007, I started with the whole testing and teaching concept (thanks to the survey I did – – do you remember that?), I realized participants of the sport where getting frustrated with the rules and were becoming alienated by the sport (thanks Hockysk8er from Nottingham). I should actually send that guy an email and thank him for putting up that controversial “Fakie 900” video. That guy was pissed, and was trying to tell me something. He wanted no rules, which is ridiculous, but my spectrum of rules was too far to the other end as well. So I finally picked up on this and knew I needed to created a middle ground.

      The “sweet spot” was found two years later when I started the Board of Directors (an idea my strategic business adviser proposed). So technically (in my own humility), that I finally realized that the PARTICIPANTS of the sport are the ones who will sell the sport, not me. My adviser told me over a year ago, “Dan, you are now ready to step out of the driver’s seat and let the skaters take control of the wheel”. But of course, I still need to keep moving the sport forward.

      So anyway, the idea now is to make sure that the foundation of the sport: the fundamental tricks used in testing must have specific rules and guidelines (created by participants of the sport), and are taught exactly the same way every time, or else the sport will get watered down. Outside of teaching and testing, creativity is of utmost importance. But it’s very important that “freestyle” not be introduced into the sport because it will confuse people. And I think that’s why a lot of people have been saying, “we’ve been doing these tricks for years; what makes you the founder?”. Too many people are putting up freestyle ice-skating videos on youtube and calling them Xtreme Ice Skating. Our message needs to be that: Xtreme Ice Skating is a SPORT, not just movement, and that the movement is created by the participants of the sport based off of the culture of the sport: (speed, hard edges, craziness, big jumps, creativity, etc..), all of which comes from a distinct personality that is the basis of the sport self.

      I think I went too much with the rules because I was trying to protect the sport. I was protecting the sport from looking like anything remotely similar such as freestyle or figure skating. If people are confused, than credibility is lost and the sport will struggle when it comes to making money. And quite notably, most people who do recreational ice-skating, especially from the UK are freestylers. So we have to convert them to Xtreme Ice Skaters and in addition, we must create a totally new market of skaters on the ice (those who have never ice-skated before) and transform them into Xtreme Ice Skaters as well.

      • Paul says:

        To be honest i only started skating i think in 2007 although i cant really remember so i didnt really know about the whole xtreme skating movement back then! But it does seem a lot better defining the essential moves and then letting skaters do the rest with creativity! As you’ve said to me previously though, its impossible to keep up with all the new tricks being invented!

        Just one thing that still confuses me a little, what exactly is the difference between freestyle and xtreme? What would define freestyle skating? What moves would a freestyler perform?

        • Dan Perceval says:

          For Xtreme Ice Skating, the sport is supposed to look like rollerblading or skateboarding but on the ice. An Xtreme Ice Skater keeps adding more speed, more energy, high jumps, and hard turns & edges into their skating. The sport of Xtreme Ice Skating has an exotic-powerful look.

          For freestyle, skaters like to make things look “smooth”, which totally goes against the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating. But the biggest difference I would say is that freestyler’s movement does not reflect someone who is a thrill seeker. They simply do not look like extreme sports people out there. And simply, they are not. I have analyzed the psycho graphics of this target market. To show what I mean: Freestylers don’t jump or do crazy tricks; most is just tight-footwork that flows like figure skating. If ice-skating movements FLOW, it’s not Xtreme.

          • Paul says:

            ok doke, that sort of helps me understand what you’ve been getting at all these months haha! I have to say I do prefer the impression a skater gives performing tricks at speed and displaying power etc. I would say the freestyle skating shows a very competent skater with great abilities if they are very smooth with intricate footwork but Xtreme Ice Skating gets the wow factor…you cant beat a massive jump haha! I love jumping the hockey goal half circle thats a good one!!

            • Dan Perceval says:

              Yeah, jumping is my favorite. Every practice session after warm up, I start off with footwork and then put a great amount of time towards jumps. Right now I’m working on the Fakie 540 (to do it without thinking), the Air Flow, the Flare Jump, FrontSide 360’s and 540’s, and Forward 360’s (known as just a 360). But last week I was working on a jump called the “Black Bird”. ANd I came up with a new jump. It’s a jump where you take-off in a FrontSide position (which is a 90 degree turn and lift-off) and than a Black Bird in the air while spinning. It looks awesome.

  3. ivan says:

    hi Dan! huff so much study to do because holiday is ended here in indonesia. i find it hard to often post or so…

    Btw, i wanna ask you about how to support younger kids to to hv courage and also motivates them to practice xtreme ice skating. Most of them are between 8 to 15 years old. And i always teach them anything they want, but when i want to move forward to more advance tricks , they didnt hv enough courage to do it because of falling on the ice.. And somehow they just speeding, spraying high, and just running around..Do you have any advice? I even show your videos, hawaiian skaters videos, or anything else on youtube..

    • Dan Perceval says:

      If you are teaching UNOFFICIALLY (meaning I am NOT endorsing your teaching), then I would say that inspiring other skaters by showing great skating yourself is a start. At the height of other skaters’ interest, show them simple steps for something, and moves they can actually do. Advise protective equipment. That’s real important.

      By the way, if skaters show a lack of interest by speeding, spraying high, and just running around, this means that those skaters are not interested in the sport. There’s something to the Xtreme Ice Skating formula that they are missing.

      XIS formula (Psycho Graphics):
      1. Thrill seeker
      2. Leader
      3. Creator
      4. Performer
      5. Individualist.

      It is not worth it to try and pull people into the sport who are afraid. IF they lack the first ingredient “thrill seeker”, they will never like the sport. They will most likely be interested in freestyle instead, which as we know, is NOT connected or affiliated to the sport of Xtreme Ice Skater whatsoever.

      Hope this helps.

      • ivan says:

        thx a lot ! ^^ i kinda confuse about this because i dont want people see us + hockey skates = speedy guy or something like that… one thing i might want to consider is maybe they are still young…how about it?

        • Dan Perceval says:

          hmm.. I doubt that them being young is the problem. The problem is that they do not have the personality of an Xtreme Ice Skater as mentioned above. The problem could also be that they are not being impressed. You will have to show them your best tricks, and usually those tricks pertain to jumps. Jumps are usually the most impressive ones.

          Please note that 10-15% of the general population are thrill seekers. This study was proved by the Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Test. Lets assume that these kids are thrill seekers. They still haven’t fulfilled the XIS personality test. Are they a leader? Most people are not. In fact, most people are followers. Also, are they creative? Fair to say, a lot of people are. Do these kids like to perform (show-off)? A good amount of people do. And finally, do these kids like individual sports? Children are more likely to gravitate to team sports rather than individual sports. And the opposite effect with teenagers and adults: they are more likely to engage in individual sports rather than team sports, unless you are talking about people over the age of 55. This particular statistic comes from youtube’s statistical software.

          But these kids have to have ALL of these personality traits. They have been thrill seekers, leaders, creators, performers, and individualists.

          Based on my experience, approx. 1 out of 10-15 kids are interested in Xtreme Ice Skating, providing that ALL of the kids are very interested in the sport initially. But most kids lose interest within minutes, or by the end of the session, or after 1 month. In fact, after 1 month, if a kid under age 13 is still interested in Xtreme Ice Skating, the likely-hood that they will keep their interest in the sport greatly increases ten-fold.

  4. Paul says:

    performing advanced tricks is always about the confidence, confidence on the ice will only come with practice and what i would call ‘ice time’…basically time spent skating.

    As skaters experience more ‘ice time’ they develop a sort of comfort on the ice and also falls will happen and they become used to the feeling of falling on the ice and what can help stop it hurting so much haha!

    Working edges really helps improve confidence as ‘students’ will soon learn that as their edges get better they can do almost anything on the ice and that in the event of a stumble they can get out of it without falling.

    The simplest way to teach is start simple and work up to the advanced stuff when the ‘student’ is ready. Exercises should always be performed just to improve ability too eg weaving on one foot or even simpler forming arcs on one foot then the other etc

    Hope that helps!

  5. Paul says:

    what does a ‘blackbird’ look like, as in the skating move? I was working on a new jump last night funnily enough…i think its pretty similar to what you have on your site as an ‘airwalk’ but i’m not sure. Basically you jump tuck one leg and the other leg is straight out infront, much like a half-pike in gymnastics. I certainly impressed a few people with that one haha nobody could even compare with the height i was getting with the straight leg…although i think anything above waist height would ruin the shape of the jump!!

    Another jump i was working on last night was a very high speed frontside 180 clearing the hockey goal half circle. I can do 180s no problem I think I wasnt thinking enough about the jump when i performed it though since it wasnt very sucessful haha! I made the distance and i got the rotation and landed feet first (you would hope to really haha) but feet went out from under me!! Keep trying though, I actually feel more determined now that i’ve tried it!!

  6. ivan says:

    jumps are sooooo facinating!!! somehow it drives away your fear. so much work to push my friends to try jumps.. >.<

  7. Paul says:

    yeah hopefully I can get a video of this half-pike/airwalk on sunday night, provided that my friend comes that usually does any filming we do!! Hes not quite as regular as I am at the rink haha!

    I keep saying that I’m gonna get a decent amount of good footage of myself but it never seems to happen, I either have a bad week, its really busy in the session or my mate doesnt show up to do the filming haha! It’ll happen eventually…although in the mean time there is a compilation video of me and a couple of friends skating on youtube…although i’m not in it a particularly large amount unfortunately!!

    Heres the link anyway… http://tinyurl.com/nzhswt I’m the one with the t-blades…most of the time wearing a hooded top with a yellow hood! Enjoy, although I would like to stress that the footage of me is not my best and I hope to provide you with more soon!!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Doing well. Would like to see more jumps.

      • Paul says:

        Thanks Dan, well todays the day hopefully will get footage of as many moves as possible tonight including all the jumps I can now do which includes tuck, 180, 360, ‘airwalk’, 180 land on one foot and also a pretty sketchy airflow although dont think I’ll bother filming that one.

        Also hoping to get some footage of spinning on the spot, straight line footwork, drunken sailor and all the little tricks I can do to do with footwork that dont really have a name like jumping onto both heels or both toes, spinning on heels etc etc

        • Dan Perceval says:

          You should record yourself attempting the Air Flow. NO one has even attempted this jump. So at least show you are trying. It’s an Eagle Turn into a Fakie take-off. Good luck with recording.

          • Paul says:

            am i right in saying that with the air flow 540 you should land the jump moving backwards? So basically eagle turn, backwards take off, 360 spin, land travelling backwards? Sort of doesnt seem like a 540 to me haha!

            Anyway we did a very small amount of filming on sunday (which i was disappointed about) one of the best things we filmed was me eagle turning backwards take off and doing a 360 (not sure if this is actually the air flow 540) only problem was i was too close to the camera when i landed it and you couldnt see it properly!!!! Not happy!

            Hopefully more filming to be done this thursday night!

            • Dan Perceval says:

              The Air Flow 540 is 1 and a half turns in the air. You have to measure where you take off, because it’s not the same every time. You’ll either have to land forward, sideways, not sure.. depends on take-off. Use the camera for aid.

  8. ivan says:

    but the fear itself will gone after a few jumps.. T.T fall…and fall again..

    • Dan Perceval says:

      ha. again, the opposite for me. I’ll really big into the aerial spinning jumps since those are the ones that are most impressive. But I gain more fear as time goes on. I guess my mind just gets tired.

  9. ivan says:

    hmm or your body gets tired. when i usually skating 3 to 5 hours per session. And on the last hour, it feels like my muscle wont take any jumps..that’s when i stop jumping around…mind and body tired…huff…

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Wow. That’s impressive. I can’t skate for more than an hour usually. I think you’re right though about my body getting tired. I think my legs just stop providing the “uhmph” that they need.

  10. ivan says:

    but if im doin footwork, jumps, and any other tricks consistantly in power, yes, it wont be longer than an hour.. i usually skating with friends so i practice, showed them, and skating around with em too. fatigue is more easier to comes if i skates alone..somehow i can keep up skating at a quite long time whenever i was with my friends. it gives moral boosts ^^ and also dont forget to eat before skating. hahaha! once i forgot to eat, and around 30 mnts later, its like im losing my power. LOL

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