XIS Board of Directors – Board Meeting

Posted: October 17, 2009 in business, Xtreme Ice Skating
The Sport of Xtreme Ice Skating
Board of Directors Meeting
Month of:October/November, 2009


Board Members:
Dan P.
Ivan D.
Loop B.
Paul G.
Becky S.
Max C.
Nathan W. (Chairman)
Michael P.
Christopher C.
Jenya D.
Mark G.
Daniel S.
Michael S.
Kevin H.

Mission Statement:
To motivate and involve people into the eye-popping sport of Xtreme Ice Skating. We, the Board of Directors (developers and leaders of our sport), serve the function to work together to provide culture, organization, structure, and business within our sport.

I. Topic of discussion:
     A. Determine guidelines for Intermediary Level-2 tricks.

Refer to this page to see videos of these tricks so you can formulate guidelines for them.

Tricks that need guidelines:
Apolo’s Turn
Whip Turn
Fakie 180
Double Spray
Swing Dance Kicks
FrontSide Stop
Eagle Stop
Rainbow Stop

  1. Dan Perceval says:

    Apolo’s Turn:
    – Rear foot of rear leg must touch the ice.
    – Deep knee bend & close to the ice.
    – Legs must be positioned like a speed skater taking a deep turn.

    Whip Turn:
    – Must whip head.
    – Must whip foot.
    – Turn must be short and fast.

    Fakie 180:
    – Rotation must be 180 degrees.
    – Jump starts from backwards skating position.
    – knees must come up to hip level.
    – Jump finishes in forward skating position.

    Double Spray:
    – Spray must start and end with two feet.
    – Considerable speed must be used.
    – Arms can not flail.
    – Must show control and finish of stop.

    Swing Dance Kicks:
    – Must enter from forward position.
    – Must take Reverse Apolo’s Turn (basic)
    – Must throw foot in the air in front of you, while moving backwards.
    – Supporting foot must leave the ice, and land on one foot.
    – Arms can go up in the air as long as they don’t flail.

    FrontSide Stop:
    – Resting foot must rest flat on top of supporting (stopping) foot.
    – Resting foot must touch supporting (stopping) foot.
    – Must take a very deep knee bend (as if you were grinding on a rail in rollerblades).
    – Exit position must show control.

    Eagle Stop:
    – Both feet must be stopping in forward-like position on outside edges.
    – Must be in forward facing position and stopping in forward facing position.
    – Must take deep knee bend (much harder).
    – Arms must be used for balance.

    Rainbow Stop:
    – Stopping foot (the leading foot) must stop forward and then follow an immediate and abrupt cut across the ice (in the shape of a rainbow).
    – Ice must shoot up and across in the air (the whole purpose of the stop).
    – Must enter stop with a lot of speed.

  2. Dan Perceval says:

    Last call if you want to post guidelines for this test. A board vote will be here soon.

  3. Dan Perceval says:

    Apolo’s Turn – YES

    Whip Turn – YES

    Fakie 180 – YES

    Double Spray – YES

    Swing Dance Kicks – YES

    FrontSide Stop – YES

    Eagle Stop – YES

    Rainbow Stop – YES

  4. ivan says:

    fakie 180 yes

    swing dance kicks yes

    frontside stop yes

    eagle stop yes

    rainbow stop yes

  5. Dan Perceval says:

    Vote for this board meeting ends this Friday.

  6. Max says:

    Apolo’s Turn – YES

    Whip Turn – YES

    Fakie 180 – YES

    Double Spray – YES

    Swing Dance Kicks – YES

    FrontSide Stop – YES

    Eagle Stop – NO

    i don’t think people should be required to balance with their arms.. Yes its a necessity however, some people ( when gained confidence) may want to put their arms in a different place – to try out a different style of eagle stop.
    Just a thought
    Rainbow Stop – YES

  7. Dan Perceval says:

    Minutes to this meeting will be typed shortly and sent to all Board Members. Thereafter, website will be updated reflecting new guidelines for Intermediary level-2 testing (http://xtremeiceskating.com/rules/intermediary_level1/intermediary_2.htm). If there’s a page error and no page shows up, it means that I have not uploaded the page yet with corrected guidelines.

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