Major problem that we will solve.

Posted: October 23, 2009 in books, business, Dan Perceval, Xtreme Ice Skating

The single biggest problem we have right now is selling our sport to an ice rink, and in an ice rink that resides in the most likely geographical location for our sport to take off in: (England). Once we can solve this problem, we can let the free markets decide whether our sport is a feasible market or not. In other words: once all restrictions on skaters has been removed, i.e. skaters can skate however they want without being told that they can’t jump, or do tricks, or skate fast — after we’ve achieved this, the market itself and our decision making, will decide whether our sport will take off or not.

England has the biggest “freestyle” market in the world. This analysis is based off of youtube’s statistical data I receive from video feedback, based off of data received from the amount of emails I get (mostly british people), the amount of ice-skating videos posted on youtube (mostly from the British – and freestyle videos), and my own industry analysis.

I’ve tried emailing ice rinks and marketing our sport to them. We haven’t gotten very far with this tactic. I think the best tactic to take from here other than emailing ice rinks all over again (which I will do), is to generate an enormous amount of excitement in England by doing a series of exhibitions (that include freestylers). The participants of “freestyle” will have to converge with the sport Xtreme Ice Skating. We will convert as many freestylers as possible. And for the ones we can not convert, we’ll have to fulfill their needs by giving freestylers a place to practice at, competitions to compete in, and prizes to win.

It is becoming more likely that my trip to England in 2010 will be less about creating classes and more about exhibitions and touring ice rinks. We need to generate excitement. There needs to be a lot of media coverage. We have to SHOW, and we have to PROVE the monetary rewards of engaging our sport.

Here’s the next book I’ll be reading.


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