Almost clears cones

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Jumps, Sport, Tricks
  1. Paul says:

    I’m not being disrepectful here but…there is no way that he was ever gonna clear those cones! His lowest foot that actually contacted the cones hit about 2 down from the top cone it wasnt even like it clipped just the top one!!

    Anyway respect for trying all these jumps good to see some other skaters doing jumps for once!! I’m starting to get one or two ppl at my rink into the jumps and my own have improved vastly over recent months…I have so much more confidence with all my jumps now including ones with rotation etc. I now find fakie 360s relatively easy haha however that could be mainly to do with improving my skills at skating backwards generally!!

  2. Paul says:

    I dont know how to delete comments so I’ll just correct myself here…the jump was actually closer to being made than i realised initially so yeah keep at it haha! Just the vid quality that made it not look as good as it was!!

  3. ivan says:

    After several weeks of trying..i managed to gain more skaters into jumps. Surprisingly, it’s not fakie…its air flow..wew… tried flare jump today, but i guess the ice wasn’t good and my blade was too dull…i lost grip… T.T

    • Dan Perceval says:

      IVan, I tried doing a Flare Jump with a 3/8″ radius sharpening once, and I couldn’t get enough grip. But a 1/4″ works perfectly.

      • ivan says:

        yeah mine is 3/8″..but its been 3 weeks since the last sharpening. So no wonder it lost its grip. But the rink seems to hv some problems. The ice is melted so fast..almost like a pond today..It would be very silly if failed on flare jump and landed on that “pond” surface. LOL…

  4. Paul says:

    you’re all gonna hate me for this but….just get some t blades hahaha! I’ve been using them for well over a year now and have never looked back!! All the time I get people saying oh they’re not strong enough and oooo don’t jump you’ll break them!! I’ve been doing jumps every since I got them as I could already do jumps before I swapped to them and I have never damaged them or even noticed any difficulties!! And they take ages to go blunt!!

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