Xtreme Ice Skating Competitions – Marketing Plan

Posted: November 26, 2009 in business, Xtreme Ice Skating

A group of Xtreme Ice Skaters from Italy have decided that they want to move the sport forward by creating online Xtreme Ice Skating competitions. The competitions will be composed of a series of skating videos that will be judged by other skaters. The winner wins recognition and a free t-shirt. Competitions will be held a few times a year. There will be placement on the website for this, although it hasn’t been created yet.

Answer the following in regards to competitions:


What’s the general plan?
How will it be carried out?
What are the expectations?

I would like everyone to give their advice and help create a marketing plan for Xtreme Ice Skating Competitions.

Competition page on facebook

  1. Dan Perceval says:

    To provide an avenue for Xtreme Ice Skaters to stay engaged in the sport while motivating them to sharpen their skills through competition and team work.

    Competitions will be carried out via a known set of rules and instructions for engaging, participating, and judging online Xtreme Ice Skating competitions in a method that is easy, simple, and efficient.

    To increase market size of the sport. To strengthen the bond between Xtreme Ice Skaters worldwide. To reinforce Xtreme Ice Skating culture and extreme sport values. To create a higher level of engagement in the sport.

    Xtreme Ice Skaters, and who also have access to a video camera, and who knows someone that can record them.

    Xtreme Ice Skating performance or a skate session that is between 1-3 minutes. The video submitted is uncut and may contain jumps, spins, kneeslides, hops, footwork, tricks, turns, etc…

    A timeline will be made known as to when to submit your competition video, when people are supposed to vote, and when a decision will be made as to the winner.

    Online and at the official website, and the official website will serve as an online portal connecting facegroup and youtube to take full advantage of already created technologies that will allow for a video competition. For instance, youtube will be for uploading videos, and facebook and will be for bringing people together, and links to those two websites as well as a general interface to which people interact in the competition will be on a centralized web page on the official website.

    As part of the marketing mix, a structure for setting-up and engaging in Xtreme Ice Skating competitions will be created, and made available on a page on the official Xtreme Ice Skating website. A “how-to” video will be created.

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