Board Meeting – Creation of Instructors Test

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Xtreme Ice Skating
The Sport of Xtreme Ice Skating
Board of Directors Meeting

December 2009 – January 2010
“Instructors Test”

Instructors Program:
click here to download.
Instructor’s Manual:
click here to download.
Instructors Test:
click here to download.


Board Members:
Dan P.
Ivan D.
Loop B.
Paul G.
Becky S.
Max C.
Nathan W. (Chairman)
Michael P.
Christopher C.
Jenya D.
Mark G.
Daniel S.
Michael S.
Kevin H.
Claudiu C.
Jess P.
Onggo W.
Lenny F.
Jonathan J.

Mission Statement:
To motivate and involve people into the eye-popping sport of Xtreme Ice Skating. We, the Board of Directors (developers and leaders of our sport), serve the function to work together to provide culture, organization, structure, and business within our sport.

I. Topic of discussion:
     A. Create “Instructors Test”.

II. Planning phase:
1. What are we set out to do?
2. What is the overall scope of the project?
3. What are the main ideas to be included in this program?
4. What factors should be considered in protecting and preserving the integrity of our sport?
5. What are logical expectations and outcomes?

III. Testing phase:
1. When this program is enacted, how do we ensure that it will work?
2. How do we foresee any major problems or pitfalls?

  1. Dan Perceval says:

    1. What are we set out to do?
    – To provide a way in which Xtreme Ice Skaters can become certified to teach our sport via a method that is efficient, structured, simple, and cost effective.

  2. Dan Perceval says:

    2. What is the overall scope of the project?
    – teaching requirements
    – duration of becoming certified to teach.
    – monetary requirements.
    – monetary expectations.
    – feasibility of location (political & economic issues).
    – overall process from start to finish.
    – insurance, waivers, and liability issues.
    – consumer expectations.
    – market compatibility.
    – certification proponents (what’s covered, what’s not).

  3. Dan Perceval says:

    Every trick should be taught in the following regard:
    1. student is shown the trick.
    2. student is asked to perform the trick so the instructor can gather additional information about the current status of the student’s skill level. (the student may be able to do the trick on the first try.)
    3. Student is given step 1 of trick, OR, any corrections that may be needed if the student already has a handle on the trick.
    4. Student is told what muscles to use, where to place head, hips, arms, and etc..
    5. Student is told what to feel in regards to muscles and body positioning: What hurts? What stretches? What pulls? What tightens? What relaxes?
    6. Fundamental principles of XIS balance are reinforced and applied to each trick taught.

  4. Dan Perceval says:

    This particular topic is addressed in terms of a timeline that is both reasonable and feasible for the average person who wishes to attain an Xtreme Ice Skating certificate.

    Everyone will learn at their own pace, but for someone who has already mastered the Beginner and Intermediary level-1 movements, than the timeline should go as follows:
    – Approximately 1 week period for the Beginner test to be successfully approved, providing that the Member has submitted a video which will pass the guidelines.
    – Approximately 1 week period for the Intermediary level-1 test to be successfully approved.
    – Approximately 1 week for the Instructor’s exam to be approved.
    – Approximately 2 to 3 business days for certificate to be awarded and Instructor’s name to be updated on the official website.

    Total turnover time is about three and a half weeks providing that the Member is able to furnish a video within a weeks’ time and pass every test on the first try.

  5. Dan Perceval says:

    There should be a standard method of teaching. While it is known that every student learns in a different way and the Instructor aligns themselves to the student’s needs, there are certain methods of teaching that should be applied to every teaching session.

    1. Student and/or parent must be greeted during every practice as in “hello” and “goodbye”. Perhaps a handshake might accompany an initial ‘hello’. Parents want to know that their children are in good hands. Students want to feel welcomed and appreciated as well.

    2. If student expresses grave safety concerns and/or abnormal fear of trying a trick and they do not wish to continue, than another trick must be taught. In our sport, it can be agreed that students ought to be pushed beyond their fears to overcome their fears, but for those who say “No”, it means no.

    3. If a student is unable to relate to, or learn from a particular piece of advise, than either new information should be given, a new way of presenting the information should be given, or more details should be provided.

    4. Since students learn by example, the instructor should continually repeat the movement as the student is practicing it. Give the student 3-4 tries to understand the movement, than the instructor should perform the movement again. The student will then try again 3-4 times, and the instructor shall repeat. This should be a continual process. New or different information should be given and/or reinforced every time, and the student should be accredited for doing something right.

    5. If the student does something correct, let them know they did it correctly AND have them repeat it until it becomes muscle memory.

  6. Dan Perceval says:

    I am currently compiling all information that has been iterated. More work on this program will be done tomorrow and every day thereafter until completed.

  7. Dan Perceval says:

    I have compiled the instructors program into one document of what has been created thus far. It is not finished, but should be available to all Board Members so that the overall progress of the program is known, and the structure is understandable.

  8. Dan Perceval says:

    Instructors program update. This program is currently being written.

  9. Dan Perceval says:

    Instructors program updated – Wednesday 1/20/2010

  10. Hi Dan!!!

    I agree with most of the things you suggested but I have a suggestion from my side as well.

    Maybe you could ask people to follow a training in their own country to get their degree in teaching ice skating.

    I’m sure that each country has an organization which provide such courses. I think it would be useful just to get the certificate of being able to initiate people to ice skating.

    This way you can rely on an official organization which did a basis test of the skater who also wants to become an XIS instructor. You will be sure about the didactic/teaching abilities of the skater which makes it better for you as well to provide instructors who have a basic qualifications in their own country as well to teach ice skating in general.

    This national certificate can help the instructor to find people which are willing to take an XIS course as it gives some prove of child/safety/qualified teacher issues etc to the parents of the children. I know that this might be of great value in some countries, especially as people don’t really know the Xtreme Ice Skating TM etc

    I hope you get the point what I’m trying to say 😉


    Jay (XISTH – Belgium)

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Hi Jay. Thanks for stopping by. You have a great idea in regards to training in each country. From the standpoint of a sport organization or company such as the one we are developing, it is crucial that any certification to teach the sport be directly through the organization itself. Any certification to teach the sport outside of the organization would directly undermine the integrity and legitimacy of the sporting organization. For instance, if the Figure Skating Association had regional Xtreme Ice Skating organizations certify figure skaters to teach figure skating, it would undermine the figure skating organization and sport itself. But I understand where you are coming from. Thank you for your input.

  11. Dan Perceval says:

    In regards to “official”, Xtreme Ice Skating Corporation makes all certifications official because of insurance coverage, business structure, market size, and brand name recognition. For parents who don’t know the name “Xtreme Ice Skating”, I found that not to be an issue. Parents signed their kids up to skate because their kids wanted to skate. Parents signed an insurance waiver and I required the students to wear protective equipment. The rink had also endorsed my classes – and this was made so simply by having my material made available at the rink such as a poster and a pamphlet.

  12. Owke 🙂

    And what do you think about a national teaching certificate before people apply to become an XIS instructor?

    If they have a national certificate, then you have some guiding as well which proves that those persons have insight into didactics, skating equipment and the basic skating skills and ways to teach those.

    Your Xtreme Ice Skating Instructor Certificate will be of a higher level of course.

    I don’t know if you get my point 🙂 It’s like getting through primary school (e.g.: national certificate) before going to secundary school (e.g. XIS Instructor certificate) :-p

    I agree with all the other points!

    Will insurance coverage be globally?

  13. Dan Perceval says:

    You said: “And what do you think about a national teaching certificate before people apply to become an XIS instructor?”

    I think that the process to which an XIS Member becomes an instructor should be efficient, structured, simple, and cost effective. I would assume that you are proposing that any potential XIS Instructor be required to apply for a national instructor’s test first before applying for the XIS Instructor’s test. I can understand the merits that one can attain from this. I think your idea is most suiting in a situation where our sport is already BIG, or if it was in the Olympics or headed to the Olympics. Considering the size of our sport and that it’s still being developed, getting anybody involved in anything right now is very hard. Your idea would probably play well if people were applying for XIS Certification on a daily basis. But we have to make it easy for people to first stick their foot in the water.

    You asked: “Will insurance coverage be globally?”

    No, insurance will not be global at this point, to the best of my knowledge. The insurance that I had when I taught in 2006 was backed by an insurance agent that was only licensed to supply insurance to those living in the United States and could only teach in the United States — even though the insurance company I think is an international company. Every country will have potential insurance agents to supply insurance for our sport, but the only way to get that insurance is through a regional agent. Therefore, if someone applies for certification from Poland for instance, we will have to help that person find an insurance agent in Poland. And for Belgium, the circumstance would be the same but with an insurance agent in Belgium. But the insurance company that we use, or group of companies that we use, are the same, than convincing an insurance agent in any other country to supply insurance for our sport will become much easier. I must say, this isn’t going to be easy. Than again, nothing in creating this sport thus far has been easy. Regardless, our sport will flourish.

  14. Hi Dan!!!

    I’m glad you got my point 🙂

    You are right about getting people involved in this sport and to teach it … hence, I don’t have any more comments to make 🙂 I totally agree …

    About the insurance, if we have to find one nationally then this woudn’t be a problem for me … I was just wondering if we would be insured by the Xtreme Ice Skating Corporation when we would teach XIS.

    Thanks for you answers!

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Hey Jay.

      You asked: “I was just wondering if we would be insured by the Xtreme Ice Skating Corporation when we would teach XIS. ”

      To answer your question: no, you wouldn’t be insured by Xtreme Ice Skating Corporation, but you would get insurance either through us, or in cooperation with us. If you’re able to find an insurance agent who’s able to provide you insurance to teach the sport, than that will suffice. However, I will need to speak to your insurance agent anyway to gather details about the insurance package and to make sure that the insurance has the right coverage (general sports liability, personal liability, and excess-medical-pay if applicable). These details will also allow me to easily set someone else up with the proper insurance in your country who might also be looking to apply for certification to teach “Xtreme Ice Skating”.

  15. Dan Perceval says:

    Insurance company –> underwriters provide insurance policy —->Insurance agent deals directly with underwriters or insurance company –> customer deals only with insurance agent.

    The customer explains to the insurance agent about insurance requirements, and the insurance agent will speak directly to the insurance company to see if such insurance requirements can be fulfilled, and at what cost(s).

  16. Dan Perceval says:

    Download the FINAL COPY of the Instructors Program – Friday 1/22/2010

  17. Dan Perceval says:

    Hi. I sent the Board of Directors and email about review of the materials posted at the way top of this board meeting. Please make sure you look over the materials soon, because there will be a vote of approval for the instructors program in a few days.


    Instructors Program:
    click here to download.
    Instructor’s Manual:
    click here to download.
    Instructors Test:
    click here to download.
  18. MrBarns says:

    Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

  19. Dan Perceval says:

    VOTING on the acceptance of the teaching program and instructors test. Corresponding files are shown below.

    Instructors Program:
    click here to download.
    Instructor’s Manual:
    click here to download.
    Instructors Test:
    click here to download.

    Do you approve of the Instruction program and Instructor’s test as written in the articles above?

    Place your vote:
    Dan Perceval:
    – Yes

  20. LarryLove says:

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  21. sndrsndvz says:

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