Sports Marketing: Consumer’s motivation in comparison to different sports.

Posted: December 27, 2009 in business, marketing, Sport

This is a great article, and something I’m trying to get ideas from.

“Results indicated that there were significant differences across the the three sports (men’s baseball, women’s softball, and men’s wrestling – L=.826, F(20, 1870)=9.405, p<.01) on seven of the nine motives. Entertainment and Social Interaction were the only motives on which there were no significant differences."

"Although the ratings were significantly different, the mean scores on the three motives indicate that across the three sports Family, Team Affiliation, and Empathy were not primary motives driving peoples’ interest in the sports.”

“Overall, the results suggest that interest in the three nonrevenue sporting events were based on the factors associated with sport in general. Consumers on men’s wrestling all rated the sport-related motives (entertainment, skill, drama, and team team effort) higher than the motives pertaining to self-definition (achievement, empathy, and team affiliation) and motives related to personal benefits (social interaction and family). These results support the authors’ supposition that some sport consumers attend college sporting events based on their enjoyment of watching athletes give their best efforts in a sport they enjoy playing. The higher ratings for sport-related motives are an important finding marketers of intercollegiate athletics because they suggest that consumers were most interested in components that are easily promoted.”

“Previous research has found that people attend sporting events because they are interested in a specific sport or team, they enjoy the entertainment of sports, the drama and action of sports, and the athlete’s physical skills.”

“The entertainment of sport that is likely drawn form the drama, physical skills, and action associated with sport are motives that may serve as topics for promotional campaigns regardless of the sport or the level of a sport (college or professional). ”

“Marketers of college athletics may concentrate on broad campaigns to attract consumers based on entertainment of sport, using pictures or clips of multiple sports that emphasize the ideas of drama and action .”

“A Great Consumer is a Fulfilled Consumer”:
“Work should continue in this area in order to provide markets with a better understanding of the multiple factors that influence sport consumption.”

“Conclusion – question”:
– Do “multiple factors that influence sport consumption” mean that said factors can quite literally mean the ideas, feelings, and perceptions ARE the specific needs and wants of sport consumers?


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