Bladeholder for the Xtreme Ice Skate

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Xtreme Ice Skates

  1. Dan Perceval says:

    If you click on the first image, you will be linked to a larger version of the image for the bladeholder without graphics. You will therefore be able to import that image into your graphics editing software and create your own graphics for the bladeholder on the Xtreme Ice Skate. You can post here, and share your graphics design idea.

  2. Dan Perceval says:

    I will be importing these bladeholders from China. The manufacturer for the boot itself is located here in the USA.

  3. Dan Perceval says:

    If you think you might be interested in the Xtreme Ice Skate, leave your email and we will contact you as soon as the skate is ready for the market. We’ll probably offer a discount for the Xtreme Ice Skate (a promotion) for those whom purchase the skate within the first 90 days due of it’s initial sale. We are also considering a policy wherein anyone who’s an official Member of the sport can become a reseller of the Xtreme Ice Skate, wherein they earn money for selling the skate.

  4. Vlad says:

    Wow!It looks really extreme!

  5. Joey Tsang says:

    Call me nuts but aren’t these just CCM chassis’?

    • Dan Perceval says:

      mm, I don’t know. The place I’ll be buying them from is located in China and they own the mold for them. I also have a sample product of them and there’s no patent numbers printed on them.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      By the way, any luck with attracting an interest group of skaters at any of the rinks you visit wherein there’s enough skaters for rink management to consider allowing these skaters to practice at will without any restriction? I’m referring to the fact that rinks in the UK severely restrict the movement of skaters in regards to being allowed to any any tricks they want, especially jumps.

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