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The Sport of Xtreme Ice Skating
Board of Directors Meeting

April 2010 – May 2010

“Guiding the sport to fruition”


Board Members:
Dan P.
Ivan D.
Loop B.
Paul G.
Becky S.
Max C.
Nathan W. (Chairman)
Michael P.
Christopher C.
Jenya D.
Mark G.
Daniel S.
Michael S.
Kevin H.
Claudiu C.
Jess P.
Onggo W.
Lenny F.
Jonathan J.

Since the entire sport and its’ structure has been developed, we are ready to move the sport onto the next stage. There are three main objectives that must be attained:

1- Motivate Xtreme Ice Skaters to get involved and teach the sport.
2- Find products and/or services that participants want/need to buy for the sport.
3- Get practice sessions setup for Xtreme Ice Skaters throughout the world.

– If you have any ideas that you think should be included, please comment below.