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Here is an article I wrote about the differences between Xtreme Ice Skating and Freestyle. It was written for the monthly newsletter for official members. I have decided posted it because I’ve received so many requests about it. Normally, newsletter items stay private or within those who pay for membership, but I think this article will help the overall sport of Xtreme Ice Skating since so many people are confused about the exact nature of our sport Xtreme Ice Skating.

Some people have asked why I haven’t done skating videos lately — the kind where I just show people what I can do on the ice. The truth is, I haven’t anyone to film me. But recently, a friend of mine offered to film me, and he’s possibly getting a new HD camera. Later on in the year, around October, we’ll start recording for a new skating video: “Pure Energy II”. If for someone reason my friend doesn’t get a new camera or he can’t film me, I’ll let everyone know.