Featured skater: Ayman from Egpyt.

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Sport, Videos, Xtreme Ice Skating

We’ve posted a new featured skater.

See video:

  1. Paul says:

    whatever happened to “xtreme ice skaters” promoting a good name for the sport…he skates against the “flow” of other less experienced skaters, he also cuts infront of people – just before his take off too at which point he has a leg stretched out behind him which is probably quite close to the person he cut infront of.

    ok yeah its a small rink but I’m not happy when people cut me up and do silly things like that and I’m an experienced skater and can look out for myself on the ice there are plenty of people that cant and these are the people we should be impressing not making ourselves look stupid and inconsiderate infront of them.

    On a positive note its a nice jump and looks gud, shame he stayed on the spot on the landing instead of continuing the flow which for me would have made it look even better.

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