Board Meeting

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Xtreme Ice Skating
The Sport of Xtreme Ice Skating
Board of Directors
December 2010


Board Members:

Dan P. Michael S.
Ivan D. Kevin H.
Loop B. Claudiu C.
Paul G. Jess P.
Becky S. Onngo W.
Max C. Lenny F.
Nathan W. Jonathan J.
Michael P. Naz A.
Christopher C. Florin P.
Jenya D. Adrian M.
Mark G.  
Daniel S.  

I. Topics of Discussion:
     a. Bringing Xtreme Ice Skating Instruction to fruition.
        – How do we get the first XIS Instructors involved?
        – How do we improve the instructor’s program so more people get involved?

     b. What does our sport need right now?
        – What are things we can do to improve our sport?
        – What ideas do you have for our sport in the future?

  1. Dan Perceval says:

    Please post your ideas no matter how strange or controversial.

  2. Dan Perceval says:

    a. How do we get the first XIS Instructors involved?

    I’ve given this a lot of thought lately and it seems to me that the first XIS instructors will be those who see a direction causation of their involvement and the outcome of the sport. This means that the first XIS Instructors will be the first movers whom are convinced without a doubt that they will gain monetary reward, increasing sport participation, and local community action at their rink for their participation in the sport as an XIS instructor. Well anyway, we need to get to number “7” on the list below before this will happen — to my belief. We’re nearly there; we’re at number “6” right now. Below is the methodology of our sport in terms of how it was created and proliferated.

    1. Conception of idea – March 2005
    2. Action taken, trademark, market analysis- June 2005
    3. Organization, online media presence – 2005-2006
    4. Instruction, media attention – 2006-2007
    5. Marketing, policies, tutorials, monetary programs – 2008-2009
    6. Product development, policy refinement – 2009-2010
    7. Product release, XIS Instructors, public relations – 2011

    Throughout: branding, exhibitions, public relations, sport videos, customer relationship management, sport participation, etc..

    So here’s my sense: When the Xtreme Ice Skate comes out next year, it could either sell well or not. If the skate does well, the sport makes a lot of money including those people who are reselling the Xtreme Ice Skate to their local community. And it is THOSE individuals whom are making money and garnishing lots of attention at their rink and getting people involved in the sport — will be the ones to seek certification to become Xtreme Ice Skating instructors. The reason is because there’s promise of money (possibly even a career), there’s status symbol (respect for doing positive things), and leadership.

    Just looking at this and what has to be accomplished is a daunting task. But one thing is certain: whatever has to be done, WILL BE DONE. You know… there’s an old saying that says, “you can’t have your pie and eat it too”. I think we can, we just have to cut that pie in small pieces so it can be digested. I love pizza pies. I love challenges. Nothing can stop us.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Probably am going to start a podcast soon. The podcost will feature myself and other Xtreme Ice Skaters discussing a plethora of ideas in the sport. The podcast will be released on youtube.

  3. Dan Perceval says:

    – What are things we can do to improve our sport?

    The following is the framework for pursuing sport:
    1. tutorials (learning/personal goals)
    2. skating videos (player participation/branding)
    3. exhibitions (leadership/status/notoriety)
    4. instructors (involvement/progression –worldwide)
    5. products/services (source of revenue)
    6. tours (builds customer relationships)

    – For tutorials and tours: these are money issues and are holding us back right now. Once the Xtreme Ice Skate begins to sell and sells well (which it will), than new revenue will provide the facilitation of new tutorials — as well as new tours. Right now, the sport is being funded by my part-time job.

    – Skating videos are actually not that hard to do and don’t require much money; therefore I have been concentrating on them lately.

    – Exhibitions are tough to do but don’t require that much money. I did an exhibition in November 2010, but unfortunately it was a last minute thing and the exhibition didn’t turn out well. However I will continue to pursue them.

    – For products, I’m currently working on the Xtreme Ice Skate, as you know. Perhaps there will be other products. Maybe there will be new services or an improvement upon current services (Membership).

    – In regards to getting XIS Instructors: this is very hard. It’s almost out of my control. I can only set up the conditions for people to want to become certified to teach the sport.

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