Xtreme Ice Skating – Lublin, Poland

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Sport, Tricks, Videos
  1. Skater says:

    This is just my two cents here Dan, and I may have already mentioned it in the comments before. The more you mimmick aggressive sports like inline skating and skateboarding, the more success and attention your sport will gain. People want to see vert tricks and jumps etc.. If you can somehow build things like that on ice, people flock to it. People love these so called stunt shows. They like to go in and sit down and look at these big contraptions and wonder what the athletes will do on them and what kind of tricks they’ll see. I think you are already on the right track with the ice ramp, but if you could build “real ice” ramps/obstacles, you would get interest from investors and news organizations which would increase your popularity. Imagine seeing a guy on vert ice ramp pulling insane tricks. People would love it, trust me. I think the only thing that is holding you back now is an engineering team, you can’t do things no one else has done unless you build the things to do them on “ice”. You may be even able to hire people to stuff like this, but again I don’t know how much money your sport makes. You should probably try and make money through instructing and just level up the profits back into building things bigger and bigger until the momentum snowballs, which will happen, but only if you stick with it. Just look at the history of all the sports in the xgames, they all have the same type of story.

    • Dan Perceval says:

      Thanks for your input. Money is tough. The sport isn’t making money, at least not per say. I would instruct but the rink I skate at is patronized by very conservative people. They’re mostly jewish, or hardcore catholics. So they all either play hockey or figure skate. The recreational skaters — the ones who would be in interested in Xtreme Ice Skating, just don’t take skating to heart. They go to the rink to skate in circles and that’s about it.

      In regards to building ice ramps, doing that in an ice rink would probably be impossible because of insurance and rink rules. It might be permissible on a frozen lake but that would be a tremendous project with unknown costs. My main mission right now is 4 point approach: get people teaching the sport, get the Xtreme Ice Skate on the market, continue putting out inspirational skating videos, and continue to focus on members of the sport.

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