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The tricks are near the end of the video:

This is XIS Jay:

Florian from Germany

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Jumps, Tricks, Xtreme Ice Skating

Imagine having a virtual board meeting? I suppose we can using Kinect Avatar. It’s not out yet, but I would assume there would be a problem with cost. If you already plan on getting it, it would work. But for those who don’t plan on getting Kienct Avatar, not such a great idea after all. I wonder if an application would be made for businesses as well. It’s a shame you’ll have to have Xbox 360. Anyway, just a thought.

What are hybrids ice skaters? They are people who take interest to both Xtreme Ice Skating and Freestyle. They are thrill seekers, and at the same time they take interest in dance-like movements or break-dance, also known as: freestyle. Sometimes “hybrids” are in the mood to be thrill seekers, so they skate Xtreme, and others, they just want to skate in a free-flow form, or freestyle. The video below shows the nature of “hybrid” skaters.

JAY XIS (Belgium) – XISTH “Xtreme Ice Skating Team Hasselt”
Both Xtreme and freestyle:

Some Xtreme Ice Skating at the beginning, and some freestyle footwork at the end. Skaters appear to be “hybrids”. Which means they’re both Xtreme AND Freestyle. And yes, it’s possible.

Confusion in our sport

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Sport, Xtreme Ice Skating

I’ve never done this before, but I wish do it now and with some decency and respect. There are videos posted all the time on youtube that are either Xtreme Ice Skating or freestyle but don’t reflect the actual discipline shown in the respective video. For instance, an Xtreme Ice Skating video would be called “freestyle” OR similarly, a freestyle video would be called Xtreme Ice Skating. Here’s an example of a video that says extreme ice skating (sport implied even though not exactly the same spelling), but is really freestyle:

This is really FREESTYLE, not Xtreme Ice Skating:

It’s an honest mistake made by the person who posted the video above. But all due respect to them for caring about their work. However, sometimes confusion causes greater confusion one might say. It’s important everyone be brought to the attention of this matter. This is not the ONLY video that confuses; there have been many. I did however want to bring this to the attention of the public.

By the way, here’s another video of confusion but instead of it being like the video above, it’s posted as “Freestyle” but should really be Xtreme Ice Skating: