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The Sport of Xtreme Ice Skating

Board of Directors Meeting

Month of:
July-August, 2011


Board Members:

Ivan D. Loop B. Paul G. Becky S. Max C. Nathan W.
Michael P. Christopher C. Jenya D. Mark G. Daniel S. Michael S.
Kevin H. Claudiu C. Jess P. Onggo W. Lenny F. Jonathan J.
Naz A. Florin P. Adrian M. Shawn X. Vlad W. Ashley J.
Tobey F. Andreas B. Dan P.

Mission Statement:
To motivate and involve people into the eye-popping sport of Xtreme Ice Skating. We, the Board of Directors (developers and leaders of our sport), serve the function to work together to provide culture, organization, structure, and business within our sport.

I. Topics of discussion:
A. How do we get more skaters involved in the participation of our sport?
B. What is the communal separation of our sport compared to Freestyle?