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Freestyle Ice Skaters need to give recognition of our sport Xtreme Ice Skating, an name their videos with BOTH sports when practicing both sports in their videos. To name a video “Freestyle Ice Skating” and have Xtreme Ice Skating in it, is deceiving people and confusing. We need to work together to succeed, not discredit each other. I have once said before: “We may skate for ourselves, but we work together to achieve greatness.”

– Dan Perceval
Founder of the sport Xtreme Ice Skating.


The Sport of Xtreme Ice Skating

Board of Directors Meeting

Month of:
July-August, 2011


Board Members:

Ivan D. Loop B. Paul G. Becky S. Max C. Nathan W.
Michael P. Christopher C. Jenya D. Mark G. Daniel S. Michael S.
Kevin H. Claudiu C. Jess P. Onggo W. Lenny F. Jonathan J.
Naz A. Florin P. Adrian M. Shawn X. Vlad W. Ashley J.
Tobey F. Andreas B. Dan P.

Mission Statement:
To motivate and involve people into the eye-popping sport of Xtreme Ice Skating. We, the Board of Directors (developers and leaders of our sport), serve the function to work together to provide culture, organization, structure, and business within our sport.

I. Topics of discussion:
A. How do we get more skaters involved in the participation of our sport?
B. What is the communal separation of our sport compared to Freestyle?

Imagine having a virtual board meeting? I suppose we can using Kinect Avatar. It’s not out yet, but I would assume there would be a problem with cost. If you already plan on getting it, it would work. But for those who don’t plan on getting Kienct Avatar, not such a great idea after all. I wonder if an application would be made for businesses as well. It’s a shame you’ll have to have Xbox 360. Anyway, just a thought.

Learning: an emergent phenomenon

Posted: January 2, 2011 in business, Videos

“Education is a self organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon” – Sugata Mitra. The video below is brilliant. This guy used the power of social context and eagerness to teach — an innate human equality, to open the minds of children, to learn ON THEIR OWN.


Imagine having board meetings with Xtreme Ice Skaters from all over the world as if we were all in the same room together via 3d holographic technology?

Well, the technology is already here, but unfortunately, it will be 10 or 15 years until the technology becomes affordable to the average person. It’s a shame we couldn’t do that now. Our sport would be achieving great heights if everyone’s brain were all in the same room as if no distance were between us.