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Here’s an idea…

Posted: June 30, 2009 in business, Sport

We ought to all get together someday and plan an Xtreme Ice Skating exhibition that would be part of a much bigger show, sort of like these guys:

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What these guys did is help raise money for muscular dystrophy. This is a good way of helping people all while gaining credibility for our sport.

What are your thoughts?

This video is really cool because it’s like watching a movie. It’s a movie about the natural progression of learning a new trick, namely the “Drunken’ Sailor”.

This dude can jump. What do you guys think?

Every day I look for information that might help me create solutions to help our sport take off. And here’s a little nugget I found on Tony Hawk that you might like. He talks about how to brand a business:


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His tips are:
   1. Keep control
   2. Know your audience
   3. Stay relevant

This video is a typical practice session. Jump, fall, and figure out what went wrong. But never ever give up!

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Fakie 900° contest

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Jumps

Lets have a jumping contest. Everyone has until August 1st, 2009 to post a video of a Fakie 900°. That’s just a little over a month. Than we will have a poll on August 1st, where every one votes on this supposed Fakie 900° to see whether they think it’s a valid Xtreme Ice Skating jump or not.


The question is: should T-blades be used for Xtreme Ice Skating? My answer is NO! Xtreme Ice Skaters have complained that they have cracked from jumps and from doing the Dime Stop. It is best to use the conventional blade and blade-holder system that comes with the skate.